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The Concept and Reason of Energy Exchange in Holistic Healing

As a holistic practitioner, we often get calls for energy healings or tarot readings or to ask remedies for specific issues by our clients, however, many out in this world may not be aware of the term Energy Exchange properly and why do healers or holistic practitioners ask it from the client?

Because holistic healings are related to spirituality people often expect it for free without realizing the importance and reasons behind it. These energies are not easier to channelize and transfer to others during healings, rituals or remedies that we do for our clients, we act as a channel for them to help them raise their vibrations and resolve their issues as much as we can. We not only use higher vibrations but also we are Lightworkers holding higher responsibilities to teach and share our knowledge to make everyone around aware of their divinity and direct connection with the Universe and God despite the religion and how to use them to manifest their desires or deal with the challenges, so on another hand we also act as a Life Coach for people who approach us.

We ask for Energy Exchange as it includes exchange of divine/ universal energies that we share with our client to help with their situation or problem, also these energies when were shared for free by many sages in the history, was not valued and counted that much and so, as a result, it started diminishing also as people when doubt their channel’s divinity or ability to help, honesty and resist to pay for resolving their own karma, it holds no value and it won’t even work the way it should in comparison to when done with total trust, faith and surrender to the divine.

Remember whether in form of money or kindness when you ask someone to help or want to learn something, there is always a value attached to that energy (everything around us is energy) and as per “The Law of Give & Receive” we must balance it because if not balanced, it will not only affect your own karmas and energies but also the one who helped you and didn’t ask for Energy Exchange (Money or kindness depending on the type of problem and resolution and risks involved). When we clear your karmas or blockages we too can get affected in human form for which we have to balance your energies and ours too to create that balance Lightworker or Holistic Healers ask for Energy Exchange while using various platform & commercial services they are using to help you, like a healing center, workshop space rent, using social media to help you anytime anywhere, when given with happy heart, surrender, and faith, it will definitely bring positive shifts and results for you.

Thank You, Gratitude, Peace, Love and Blessings to All!

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