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Be Grateful to the Universe

How many of us today are grateful to the Universe or our loved ones? Sometimes, you wish for something, need something from your family, friends, or God, and ask for the manifestation of your wish. Once it is fulfilled, how many of us have felt gratitude towards that person or the Universe? I guess the majority sees it through human eyes only. The amount of complex work and the grants from the Universe are often forgotten or thanked. We must remember whatever we think, do, and ask for, is ultimately granted by the Universe. The vibrations or energy we send to the Universe in the form of positive or negative thoughts or even thanking the Universe by being grateful is what we receive in return as love, happiness, abundance, blessings, etc. The more we are grateful, the more we thank for every blessing, and the more we communicate well with not only the people around us but also with the Universe. Remember, everything we do gets accounted for. That is why there is a saying - what goes aro