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What is Energy and How it Impacts Our Lives?

As I discussed in my previous write-ups on Chakras – The Energy Vortexes and Our Existence beyond the Physical Body , we have already mentioned how we are beyond physical existence. But not only our body has a direct relation to this energy, but everything around us is also energy, whether living or non-living, animals, nature, money, everything is composed and made up of this energy. We do not live on this earth like that; we have a whole metaphysical world around us. Even the homes that we live in, the cars we drive, the water we drink; everything small in this universe is composed of that energy and is equally impacted as we are when something isn’t in balance with this energy. It’s been quite a while since I realized and was longing to write an article on "energy" and how it really impacts our lives. Many people on this earth do not understand the term "energy" as a whole when it comes to human interaction. For them, it is only limited to science and exp

Forgiveness & Love are the only Stepping Stones

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