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What is Energy and How it Impacts Our Lives?

As I discussed in my previous articles on Chakras – The Energy Vortexes and Our Existence beyond the Physical Body , we have already mentioned how we are beyond physical existence. But not only our body has a direct relation to this energy, but everything around us is also energy , whether living or non-living, animals, nature, money, everything is composed and made up of this energy.  We do not live on this earth like that; we have a whole metaphysical world around us. Even the homes we live in, the cars we drive, the water we drink, and everything else in the Universe is composed of this energy and impacts them equally as we humans when there is a lack of balance in this energy. Its been a long time since I realized and yearned to write an article on energy and how it impacts our lives. Many people on this earth need to understand the term  energy  as a whole when it comes to human interaction. Their understanding is limited to scientific facts, experiments, and the electricity we

Forgiveness & Love are the only Stepping Stones

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