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A Loving Hand of Adoption to Indian Pariah (Street) Dogs

Today I am going to talk about the Indian dogs (the local breed, or Pariah breed) we find all around us. I am writing this because I felt guided and also wanted to share some positive traits about these dogs along with some tips when, as a pet or animal lover, you decide to bring these beings home and adopt them as your beloved family member. I am the owner of three Indian-breed dogs. I will surely share today my story and experience with this breed, as it was my very first experience adopting and raising it, as I had only raised a Spitz and a Labrador earlier. We have been with dogs for 23 years now, and how my Indian breed came to live at home is another miracle story from the divine. My family and I were dealing with strange loneliness and depression after we lost our Labrador pet due to medical negligence by one of the government veterinarian hospital’s staff. We changed the vet, but by that time, his liver and kidneys were damaged due to the wrong medication, and unexpectedl

How to Thrive Office Politics?

Spirituality can help you win at office politics This is an interesting topic we will discuss today as I have been trying to write on this for a long time and have gotten a few requests from people who find it difficult to deal with office politics while ascending into spirituality or in normal life too. "Office Politics, the Divine Comedy!" as the topic suggests, is a very common problem these days. With growing awareness and knowledge along with competition in the world to be the first one, this problem has been affecting a lot of people who are not so good at dealing with it. People have asked me, "Are they doing something wrong?" on more than one occasion. While they aren't doing anything wrong, others are either jealous of their success and try to prevent it, or they aren't bothering anyone but are still attempting to obstruct it. There are times when I'm asked why people gossip. Why can't they see the other person's point of vi

Are You Also Getting Trapped in Spiritual Materialism?

Are you new to the term "Spiritual Materialism" or wondering why I have even used this term with "Spiritual" ? You will certainly know why going ahead in this article. It is important as a spiritual healer or lightworker to understand the difference between actually serving the purpose we are here for and the difference when we silently slip away from our track and get trapped in "Spiritual Materialism" . When I read some Shamballa excerpts, I decided to write my views on this very emerging concept of "Spiritual Materialism". During my readings, I learned about the Buddhist monk Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, who had already founded and established many Buddhist and Shamballa teaching centers in the west. It is important for all of us to understand this, as we are ascending every day into spirituality and trying to serve our purpose while also being closer victims to spiritual materialism. Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche introduced the techniques o

Parenting - A Spiritual Approach (Part - 2)

Your words may be, "I am not biased with both of my children, but are your actions matching your words and tone?" If not, then stop lying to yourself and them also that you are not biased. Accept that you are biassed simply because one of them did not fulfill your desires as you had hoped. So, what do you get then? Aggressive, abusive, in-obedient, and rebellious children with a lack of love, empathy, and respect for you while you grow old? Your words, intentions, and emotions behind your words and feelings have a huge impact on not only your own life but on your children's and the rest of your family's lives too. For you, as an elderly person, it may be a small thing or act. However, for Crystal and Indigo children (most sensitive and emotional/empathetic to human behavior and energies) , it may be more in terms of depth or impact than for you. You may have been unaware of energies and more into earthly mind conditioning due to a lack of awareness, self-realiza