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The Seven Chakras and How They Relate To Our Wellbeing

The Seven Chakras We have discussed the  Chakras  in our earlier posts to reveal what they are. Although there are many other chakras in our body and beyond our physical presence, we will focus on the  seven main chakras  in this post. What are they, how do they appear, and how do these chakras affect our lives when blocked, under-active, overactive, or active (open) balanced? The Muladhara or Root (Base) Chakra   This chakra is at the base or root of the spine. The color associated with this chakra is  ruby red or red.  It represents the  earth  element, which allows us to stay grounded with our roots and connected with Mother Gaia (earth). It also represents a sense of security, especially financially. When this chakra is  active or open  and balanced, it gives us a sense of security, which means we will feel more supported, secure, grounded, calm, and peaceful within ourselves. If it becomes  under-active or blocked, it makes  you feel fearful towards the unknown, distres