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How to Thrive Office Politics?

Spirituality can help you win at office politics This is an interesting topic we will discuss today as I have been trying to write on this for a long time and have gotten a few requests from people who find it difficult to deal with office politics while ascending into spirituality or in normal life too. "Office Politics, the Divine Comedy!" as the topic suggests, is a very common problem these days. With growing awareness and knowledge along with competition in the world to be the first one, this problem has been affecting a lot of people who are not so good at dealing with it. People have asked me, "Are they doing something wrong?" on more than one occasion. While they aren't doing anything wrong, others are either jealous of their success and try to prevent it, or they aren't bothering anyone but are still attempting to obstruct it. There are times when I'm asked why people gossip. Why can't they see the other person's point of vi