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Are You Also Getting Trapped in Spiritual Materialism?

Are you new to the world of Spirituality? Did you hear the term  Spiritual Materialism  often or wonder why I have even used this term with  Spirituality ? You will certainly know why going ahead in this article. It is essential as a spiritual healer or lightworker to understand the difference between actually serving the purpose we are here for and the difference when we silently slip away from our track and get trapped in  Spiritual Materialism . When I read some Shamballa excerpts, I decided to write my views on this emerging concept of  Spiritual Materialism.   During my readings, I learned about the Buddhist monk  Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche , who founded and established many  Buddhist  and  Shamballa teaching  centers in the west. All of us must understand this, as we are spiritually ascending with each passing day and trying to serve our purpose while also being closer victims to spiritual Materialism. Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche   introduced the techniques of mindfulness, compass

Parenting - A Spiritual Approach (Part - 2)

Continuing our conversation from my previous article  Spiritual Parenting Approach (Part - 1) , let us dive deeper into this Part 2 article. Referring to the  Spiritual Parenting Approach (Part - 1)  article, your initial thoughts about yourself could be, " I am not biased with my children, but are your actions matching your words and tone?"  If not, stop lying to yourself and them about not being biased. Accept that you may be, not consciously but unconsciously, in a few situations, such as when they fail to fulfill your desires as you had hoped. You will relate better to what we discussed above once you read the rest of this article. However, whatever we discussed in this article does not necessarily apply to every parent and family. There are specific scenarios or situations referred to only to highlight some behavioral patterns or unconscious actions taken by us as parents that may affect our relationship with our children. Considering the increasing mental health and