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Misconceptions About Reiki

First Reiki Master Dr. Mikao Usui

This article is for all those who have misconceptions and misunderstandings about Reiki, a healing technique and divine power. Ever since we people have news channels, magazines, and other mediums of information, we have been hearing a term used by news reporters, रेकी (RECCE), to report most criminal activities, which include terrorist activities too.

Today, I want to clear up all doubts and misunderstandings people might have about this word called रेकी (RECCE). After the sad incident of Pathankot, our media again reported the term रेकी, used by the terrorists. It is an issue that has been raising this question several times, and that is, do all these terrorists and criminals also use Reiki?

Whenever any such incident or activity happens, we notice that TV reporters and news leaders flash all over that the criminals here did रेकी (RECCE) before committing the crime.

Let me clarify this. It is a misconception and a confusing term with the term REIKI, an entirely nonviolent healing technique used worldwide.

Whenever you hear this similar term again, you should understand that this is not the healing technique REIKI misused. It is RECCE, रेकी, which is an abbreviation or short form of Reconnaissance, which means investigating, an inspection of a particular place, surveying or exploring that place before actually doing something there, be it a police raid, criminal activity, etc.

It means before attempting any criminal activity or a government official raid (like police raids, tax raids, etc.), they survey that place thoroughly to see all aspects before actually doing their activity there. 

So, what you hear and read in the news is RECCE, not REIKI.

If they knew Reiki, they could never do such things because Reiki is full of positivity, love, compassion, and healing for humanity. So, people involved in such heinous crimes can only have a little understanding of Reiki as a blessing. All you need to understand is that they do not use REIKI. 

Reiki is a divine power and healing technique (power) used in ancient India, Japan, and Tibet by Divine masters like Buddha, Lord Krishna, Rama, Guru Nanak Ji, Sai Baba, and Jesus Christ. 

It was later used by spiritual healers worldwide, including Dr. Mikao Usui and Madam Hawayo Takata, who both had potent spiritual backgrounds. They learned this with all difficulties, with the Almighty's grace, and given years of their lives to get such knowledge and power for the betterment of humanity.

So, next time you hear रेकी related to any criminal activities or police activities to control and arrest criminals, please understand it is not the healing technique, REIKI.

Reiki and Reiki healers can transform your lives, bring positivity, love, and compassion, and heal your body, mind, and soul. A Reiki healer or follower can never engage in any heinous behavior because it teaches us to love all, whether humans, animals, plants, living or non-living things, and we heal everything and anyone who possesses a form of energy in itself.

May Reiki bless and keep you on the divine path as you serve humanity and the needy; love all, and be blessed!

This article is on behalf of all of the Reiki healers, gurus/teachers, and followers, which I posted today to clarify the confusion arising from the similar terms used for criminal activities around us.

The credit for the inputs for this article goes to our Reiki healers and teachers worldwide for awakening humanity and serving this society as a whole.

Love, light, peace, gratitude, and infinite blessings to you all!


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