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What is Energy and How it Impacts Our Lives?

As I discussed in my previous articles on Chakras – The Energy Vortexes and Our Existence beyond the Physical Body, we have already mentioned how we are beyond physical existence. But not only our body has a direct relation to this energy, but everything around us is also energy, whether living or non-living, animals, nature, money, everything is composed and made up of this energy. 

We do not live on this earth like that; we have a whole metaphysical world around us. Even the homes we live in, the cars we drive, the water we drink, and everything else in the Universe is composed of this energy and impacts them equally as we humans when there is a lack of balance in this energy.

Its been a long time since I realized and yearned to write an article on energy and how it impacts our lives. Many people on this earth need to understand the term energy as a whole when it comes to human interaction. Their understanding is limited to scientific facts, experiments, and the electricity we consume or use. They think it is the physical strength and vitality that we require to feel healthy and good. However, it is more than that.

Even the love we long for is also a form of energy. This energy can be positive or negative. It is always good to dwell in positive energy. However, sometimes we unconsciously harbor negative energy resulting from hatred, jealousy, negative thought patterns, fears, external influences of other people, guilt, unforgiveness, revenge, resentments, etc. Due to experiences, we go through in our lifetimes (present or past), we create barriers for ourselves in abundance, love, relationships, happiness, and joys of life. 

Even when we expect miracles most in our lives, this negative energy keeps us from receiving divine blessings and acting as a barrier or blockage by impacting our lower vibrations or ego energies. It further controls our minds and actions in life.

Many people do not understand the concept and meaning of ego here; they only link it with self-pride or so-called self-respect. It is not limited to that. Ego energies do not imply self-respect because there is a difference between these terms. The human ego is the biggest hurdle to understanding the Universe and everything in this world through the eyes of spirituality and God. 

Ego energy does not merely mean self-pride or pride; It is a vast concept. Referencing spirituality and self-growth, it is everything when it makes you feel guilty, resentful, revengeful, shameful, and jealous. All of that can take away your peace of mind and contentment from the heart and lead you to anger or actions that can change the direction of your life forever.

The human ego always drives you crazy. It will always try to misguide you to deny hearing your inner voice (higher soul self) and try hard to make every existence of love, spirituality, and peace questionable. 

It lives in the 3D matrix and remains cemented in the physical realm, i.e., this illusionary earthly world. If you get stuck in this matrix, you will only be able to see things with illusions.

Let us come back to our topic of discussion. We must understand that energy in stagnant form or negative form will always impact you, the world, and the realities around you adversely, whether it is fulfilling your desires or whatever you are seeking in life.

If that energy is blocked or not released, it will never allow you to move forward. It is like trying to pass water from the blocked pipe. If that blockage gets removed, water will flow ahead.

Also, when we talk about water here, we must understand that water and food quickly absorb energy, irrespective of being positive or negative. Beware of what you harbor in your energy fields because that will circulate within and around you. 

As a result, many energy healers recommend avoiding talking while drinking water or eating food. It is because the energy that conversation, news, or words contain will settle inside you and either add to your good or not-so-good depending on what life force, i.e., positive or negative, you consumed. 

Remember, our grandparents and our parent's generation would avoid watching TV or mobile while having food. It is evident in our scriptures also to eat with peace and family to strengthen the bond and love and enjoy the taste and bliss of the food we eat.

This energy also impacts your pets as they are more responsive and sensitive to energy. You can read more about it in my article, Do animals Need Healing? Yes, Indeed! You will learn how energy affects our pets too.

Energy is not only what you carry in yourself, but keeping your energy cleansed and shielded is equally necessary as like attracts like works with this electromagnetic energy field we possess. Even the planets and non-living things vibrate on specific universal frequencies and energy. They highly impact our lives by merely changing their positions, evident in the science of Feng Shui. Our energy field is like a magnet. The more you focus on positive things and creations in life, the more positivity and positive people you will attract in return, and vice versa.

When you keep thinking negatively and cursing your destiny, it will bring more curses, lower energies, and people vibrating on that level, adding more to your sufferings. However, if you think positively and keep blessing and expressing gratitude for what you already have, the Universe will automatically attract more positivity and positive experiences in your life.

When you generate a thought, you feed it with energy, and that energy then manifests as its physical reality. Thus, if you continue to say — I am having a hard time, or I do not have much money (cut clear, cancel, delete), the Universe will continue to send you the same energy in return. Remember, what we send into the Universe comes back to us amplified.

To avoid this, always remember that the Universe echos what we think and say. If you say — I am always happy. I always have more than enough funds to live my life joyfully and with contentment. It amplifies and circulates that positive energy to you, allowing you to experience more joy, miracles, and positive energy.

Life is more than being born, raised, earning, saving, and dying. It is more than this physical body given for a limited time; it is beyond living as a human of flesh and bones.

We are all connected by a universal life force, i.e., the Web of Life, and what we do affects not only ourselves and our families but the entire earth and Universe. We are all one and connected in a mesh of energy. Start blessing your life, yourself, others, and this whole world, no matter what is happening around you. The more you bless, the more opportunity you give to creating a peaceful and happy world around you. 

Refrain from cursing and being revengeful as it comes back to you multiplied. Stop saying money is not good, and start respecting money as energy. Read more about money as energy in my article 7 Prayer Lingo Changes Which Help You Manifest Better.

Bless it to multiply for you. The more you believe money is stuck, the more it will get stuck. 

When you shift your thought process or consciousness, you start witnessing and attracting infinite positivity and abundance in every aspect of your life. You are the creator of your life, so your manifestations work on the kind of energy and thoughts you hold consciously, subconsciously, and unconsciously in your metaphysical existence.

I have briefly explained the concept of energy from a metaphysical point of view and not just science. We must understand ourselves and the world around us from beyond all  3rd Dimensional illusionary outlooks. Living with delusions never allows you to experience your true self. This world exists because this energy exists!

Love, light, peace, gratitude, and infinite blessings to all!
Sakshi Vaashiisht

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