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Understand Your Life Patterns, Understand the Universe!

Are you going through repeated patterns in life (personal or professional)? Have you experienced repeated patterns in your romantic or career-based relationships?


Then, it is time for you to stop, pause, and reassess life patterns. It could be because of the beliefs you carried from many lifetimes (probably through previous or ancestral karma) or due to past experiences where you have developed specific fears, limiting beliefs, or energies that still attract the repeated cycles of situations and people in your life.


When you go through such situations, always pause and think thoroughly about why they are happening. Is there something you need to shift your attention to that you may still need to be aware of? Try focusing on the message/lesson for you in that situation.


When you identify the lessons and learnings for you in a situation and detach yourself from it, that experience, emotion, or individual will stop repeating that pattern in your life. Learn to be one with the divine, communicate with the cosmos, and understand the universal laws. Let the cosmos and your Akashic Records know you have learned the lesson and are ready to move on.

The Law of Free Will

The Law of Free Will allows us to make choices. It allows us to tell the Cosmos what we desire to manifest in life. God and the divine beings rigorously follow these laws, and it is with these laws that they can help us manifest what we desire. Unless we permit them, even if they want to help, they are bound to the law to refrain from interfering until called. 

You even have to permit yourself — the Higher Self to do a specific thing or ask for guidance on a pressing matter. This law is crucial. 

You will only make better choices if you understand them well. It is all about the choices we make out of our free will, so no other individual or being is responsible for any of our wrong decisions or choices. What you choose is what it brings you as consequences.

Many say — They have been trying to manifest their desires for a long time, but it just doesn't work. People must understand that it is not about their desires but how they communicate them to the Universe and how open or receptive they are to accept help from the divine. Sometimes, we get choices, helpful people, and opportunities, but we don't recognize them and fail to identify them. 

Likewise, when you ask your angels or guides for help, or even your gurus, tell them clearly that you want them to intervene and guide you in a particular situation or issue you seek help.

Stop using begging words and bargaining with the universal energies or divine beings, such as Please help me, If my wish gets granted, I will do this or that, etc. 

Be confident that whatever is in your highest good will be given to you. If not, then there must be something bigger and better God has in store for you. I encourage you to pay gratitude in return for your wishes granted but avoid bargaining. You may pay gratitude in whatever way you desire or wish to by helping someone, feeding the homeless or stray animals, or providing financial help to someone in need.

Be open and be in complete faith and surrender when asking for wishes, as there is always more than enough for us in this Universe. We have to understand it as a process.

Let the divine powers guide and help you through your higher self/intuition or other people. Put no restrictions, as there could be chances of getting even better than you are asking. Allow the Cosmos to decide what is best for you.

Apart from this process, you can always ask for divine guidance that can come to you in numerous ways, such as through people, situations, experiences, or sometimes miracles. You never know how you will receive it, so stay open to infinite possibilities.

Another significant thing is to leave the how part to the Almighty. We are the co-creators, not the creator itself. So, let God and the Universe decide how to manifest it for us. Let us release our wish lamp into the Universe and forget about it. 

Let the Universe work behind the scenes. You never know how it turns out to be a blessing in disguise. Detach your desire to know the outcomes.

I can tell you from my personal experience when God works, be ready to receive even better than you could imagine the outcome. Do you need help understanding why? 

Let me share something significant that I have learned from my personal experiences and my mom's.

I have learned an important and precious lesson to remember all my life, which my mom used to remind me whenever I lost hope or became anxious about a situation. 

She used to tell me — we can see only till our eyes or imagination can reach this linear world, but He (God) can see from a 360-degree magnificent view, so he has a wide range of perspectives, even beyond what our physical eyes and consciousness can reach.

If you are ready to experience divine bliss, go with the flow. You will have better experiences in the journey called 'Life.'


Love, light, peace, gratitude, and infinite blessings to all!
I am God's favorite child. The Lord is my ultimate protector and shield. He will never let me down as I am his child, indeed!

Sakshi Vaashiisht

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