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Yes, RUNES is one of the striking topics that we will discuss today!

Ever heard of the term RUNES or may have seen Runic/Viking symbols in the VIKINGS movies?

I have been away for a long time since I wrote an article. I was occupied recently, so here I am today with one of the curious topics: Runes.

There have been a lot of stories and myths about Runes and Viking symbols

The more you ask, the more stories you hear. 

Nonetheless, the prime aspect of runes is that they are Magical!

I may not delve too deeply into runes today, but I will shed some light on them to provide a gist.

Let us first start with the backdrop of Runes.

Simply put, Runes are magical symbols that increase the power of our energy field and the effectiveness of our healing and spells. 

These are mystery symbols to me, as only some can decode and understand the purpose of their use if they are spiritually advanced. Runes are associated with the fearless Viking dynasty too.

Runes are a group of symbols that constitute the dictating alphabets and distinct languages spoken by the Dutch, particularly in the first century (before the Common Era) B.C.E.

The word rune originated in the Norse language, spoken in Northern Germany and Europe. It has deep connections with the Rowan Tree, which was spiritually revered, and Runa is the source word used to describe the Rowan tree.

With time and the beginning of Christian roots, Runa was transformed into Runes as we know them today. These symbols had been used for magical purposes even before they started using them in writing. 

You may find many runic inscriptions on rocks, weapons, jewelry, and graves to ensure the safe journey of a departed loved one to the other world.

Runes have been deeply associated with and connected to the Ash tree called Yggdrasill (pronounced as — igg-dra-sil), located at the center of the universe and comprising the nine worlds of the Norse Realms together in its branches and roots. 

The Well of Fate is said to be beneath the Yggdrasill, as are the three Norn (female spirits who protect the Roots of the Yggdrasill tree by keeping them hydrated with the divine waters of the Well of Fate). The Norns also maneuver human lives because they twist, twirl, spin, and intertwine the strings of Fate and Destiny.

They firmly believe that fate is not defined or consistent, although intertwined in our soul destiny as a human. It is entirely within human power to change it, which I had mentioned in my previous articles where I spoke about the Law of Free Will, which allows us humans to make wise choices, which in turn decide our fate and future.

The three Norn sisters, viz., Urd (pronounced as — oo-rd), Verdandi (pronounced as — Ver-dahn-di), and Skuld (pronounced as — Skoo–ld), however, represent an individual past, future, and present (what shall be) and this is how they maneuver specific fate.

Yet stated that Odin, the wisest in the Divine Realms, was able to know the secrets of the runes as mentioned in Norse Mythology. There is another story behind this, which we may discuss in future articles on runes.

Back to runes, there are distinct methods to use and experiment. We can use them independently, bind them, inscribe them, or draw them in the air, which will work wonders.

How to use Runes?

The runic symbols are specific to divination, magick and spell work, healing, and various purposes. 

Each pattern/symbol represents a unique meaning that is deeply rooted in the ancient roots of Dutch Magick

Pick or connect with each rune daily to enhance your connection and understanding. 

You can meditate with it, and it can be activated and energized on wooden placards or crystals, as well as your recent runic tattoo and flashcards. 

There are numerous ways to connect and work with these runic symbols. Once done with all 24 symbols, start using them in your daily routine and observe the outcomes they deliver.

Runes for Divination

Using runes for divination is a clear and pure channel of using your intellect or intuition to seek or receive the answers. 

It depicts a terrific way to get accurate answers and signs when you need clarification or guidance on what to do in a particular situation. 

It is as easy as you play dice games. 

Similarly, you toss these runes and avoid looking down. Choose the rune while thinking about the question. You will then have the answer in your hands for sure.  

There is no doubt as you connect with your energies and intuition while choosing the runes. Even if you get a rune that does not relate to your question, do not ignore it. 

There can be a deeper meaning and a sign from the universe behind a rune you are trying to connect. Try understanding that meaning and follow the guidance.

If you do not have rune stones or wooden dice, I have an even better way to use those drawings on small chits. At least for practice, they can be of great support.

Inscribing Runes

Draw runes horizontally and not reversed (recommended), as it may bring adverse outcomes, which we intend to avoid bringing about for ourselves.

Although combining different runes may not create adversity, it is good to start with simplicity and keep it clear. Before you dive in, make sure you have practiced them thoroughly. You may bind the runes by overlapping them in a way that looks like a random inscribed image or a unique symbol that not everyone can understand.

If you do not wish someone to understand for what purpose you have drawn it, like with sigils, similarly, keep it a secret while you manifest something deeper.

To enhance rune power, you may also draw them thrice to add that additional push. While drawing, chant their names thrice as we would do while calling Reiki or other healing symbols to activate and energize them.

Except for the reverse, you may experiment with runes in any other direction to ensure you manifest what you desire.

Activating your Runes

If you have created your runes on chits or other materials like cloth, etc., or even crystal ones, you will surely want to activate and energize them. 

There can be different ways. You can put your intent on them or wrap them in a cloth and put them somewhere in a darker spot for a few days until they get their life. 

Once you feel they are ready to be used, unwrap them, blow air with your intentions, show them some incense if you would like to, or put them under the moonlight to be charged. There you go! 

Use it as a wall hanging, a flashcard, or EC (Energy Circle). The choice is yours. There can be numerous possible ways to use runes. All you need is the intention, faith, and purpose to use them.

I am going to now discuss two major runes here. I have been using them for a while and have seen great results. 

Runes are good to learn under the guidance of your experienced mentors or spiritual gurus to better understand and connect with them. However, the following is an example I am sharing for your understanding and interest (I will not share the image of the rune here, as it is better to learn it during workshops, but indeed their names):

Fehu (pronounced — Fey-Hoo)

It originated from the word Fee, which means cattle in Norse culture. A fee is used for cattle, money, prosperity, and abundance.

I see it as a firm flag moving upwards in life. It denotes progress and financial support, stability, profits, new beginnings, fertility, financial gains, and positivity, especially in finances.


For me, it symbolizes progression, success, and financial gain. It reminds us to be grateful for what we have and what we wish for the future. But it also denotes ego, so using too much of it may lead to ego or increased sexual desires, so be careful while using it, as excessive is not good.

You may use Fehu to achieve financial strength or to manifest goals sooner.

If read reverse, it indicates to pause and reconsider your decisions, loss, or disappointment, especially regarding the financial investment. Slow down your plans because it may not be the right time to decide.

Uruz (pronounced — oo-rooze)

This symbol represents a Wild Ox. Not the real one but its qualities, strength (physical, emotional, spiritual), untapped intuition or potential, health, and sudden or unexpected changes (usually for the better), so it is more like seeing 555 in angel numbers, bringing changes and learning to embrace them too.

To add power, strength, and stability to your spells and their outcomes, you may inscribe Uruz with Fehu or other symbols, especially for financial and career stability. It works really well.

It teaches us that no matter how challenging it may look, keep moving ahead, and the blocks will clear ultimately.

If read reverse, it may indicate a lack of self-motivation, strength, power, confidence, and stability in life. You may miss a golden opportunity or have already missed it due to a lack of the qualities mentioned above.

For healing spells or financial stability, send healing with Uruz. It brings stable health, wealth, or whatever you are seeking.

The above information helped you understand runes better. If you already know about them but have never used them, I recommend you use them in your spells and healing and share your experience. How did it work for you?

Lots of Love, Gratitude, Blessing, and Divine Protection for all of you!


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