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Surrender to the Divine – Flow with Life and Universe

We often heard our mothers and grandmothers saying and teaching us the gist of life during difficult situations — Surrender yourself to the Almighty (be it any religion or realm), and he will take care of everything.

We heard the most famous phrase from the holy Gita, Karmanyewaadhikaraste maa phaleshu kadachin, maa karmphalheturbhurma te sanghoatavkarmani. It means you can only put your karmas to action, leave the rest to God, and he is the best to hear our prayers and reward us with whatever is best for us.

Often people put in a lot of hard work but still doubt if they will succeed, or when someone is in a difficult situation, we often lose patience and faith.

It is a frequent feeling we all experience. I also went through this in my life at some point in time. After all, we are humans and tend to get panicked in such a state of mind and situations.

Why are we talking about surrendering it to God? We do not even have a correct understanding of what God is these days and the mental conditioning we humans have had since childhood, consciously or unconsciously (due to past experiences or karmas or generational experiences). 

Every culture has its descriptions and associations (Disclaimer: however, we do not intend to hurt or talk about religious sentiments here). We are only trying to share a few experiences and trying to evolve.

We have followed our beliefs, experiences, and stories since childhood, only understanding them as reality. However, everything has its reasons and facts. What we comprehend is only partial truth. There is always another side to the coin. We never try to understand how our ancient Vedas and Granths/scriptures contain so much information without the support of modern-day scientific equipment/technology we have today, such as satellites.

When we were in school, they used to teach us about our Vedas and Scriptures, which had all the scientific explanations about the Universe and how it works. Today, only some of our children get this knowledge shared. I guess, except in a few exceptional schools that still follow this Vedic culture. 

However, today we only see this world and even heavenly things from a scientific perspective that is an extension of the work our saints and ascended masters (Sai, Jesus, and other religious saints) did several thousand years ago. They had much more advanced scientific knowledge or logic than we currently have.

Coming back to our topic, I am merely a medium of sharing this thought with you all and only trying to be a source of information and inspiration to all in difficult situations or who are on the verge of losing hope.

In short, Do not lose hope. He (the Divine or God) is watching over us and loves us unconditionally. He has created this Universe of planets, galaxies, creatures, animals, and humans with a perspective and logic. Have we ever wondered how everything falls into place at the perfect time? It is God, the Divine, who has all the power.

We must follow him by heart and soul, and first of all, consider yourself a Divine soul, a part of the Divine light. Once our purpose is over, we will return to that eternal Divine light governing this whole creation, the Universe.

There have been numerous eras, saints, and ascended masters who came and tried to teach us the correct way to lead and live our lives, the reasons for connecting with nature, talking to Mother Nature, and understanding its signs and omens. 

However, we sometimes need to pay more attention to those teachings. With the growing time and kind of lifestyle, we have these days, we hardly get time to spend some time on those teachings or look back on them. Even if we have time, there is always a guru or well-wisher we need to help us decode the real meanings of these teachings.

Let us try and understand the Universal law today, which most of us are still unaware of and which is the most important thing we forget when asking for our prayers or wishes to be granted.

The Law of Attraction works like the principle of gravity. Whatever we send or throw into the Universe comes back to us. It applies to both negative and positive.

Most of us sometimes do not understand this principle correctly, and we keep on creating a negative aura or thoughts in and around us, as our whole Universe, including each creature, whether animals, nature, humans, or planets, works on Universal vibrations, sounds, and the energy system. 

It does not matter what the situation is. More importantly, we must be cautious with our thoughts and brains, as God has given us his most powerful creation, the brain, which is a powerful tool to manifest almost everything. That is why we great scientists and gurus mentioned that nothing is impossible. 

We, humans, have all the power to manifest what we desire. The only thing we miss is the connection with the Divine is understanding the Universal laws of manifestation and the energy we all possess and control through our chakras (the energy centers in our bodies).

Do not lose hope because you think you are the only one suffering and no one will take care of you.

Try to align yourself spiritually with the Divine. That will happen when you understand that we are divine souls and not merely human bodies. You can connect with your soul self. We need to conjoin with the Divine white light that exists within us.

Once you align with your soul self, you can start understanding the powers of nature and the Universe. You may also begin understanding and decoding the omens.

Try to spend some quality time with yourself, with your family, your pets (which are the most divine creations of God, especially dogs, and the way they come up with healing energies for us, it is inexpressible in words), and nature.

First, understand what you are asking. Is it worth manifesting? Or can you ask for better things, or maybe you can ask for divine guidance on what God wants you to bless? You may seek something petty, and the Universe may have bigger plans for you. So, always stay open and receptive, and remain positive while receiving divine guidance before manifesting.

If I talk about Sai Baba, he has two vital rules – Shraddha and SaburiHowever, a few understand it. Shraddha means your faith and devotion to the Divine, and Saburi is patience. It is not always magic that manifests things for you instantly. Once you have a firm belief in your Guru, ascended master, or the Divine, mention your prayers and wishes, let them decide the path for your achievement, and let them reward you with what is in your highest good. 

Leave the rest of the problems of how, when, why, etc., to the Divine and Angels. We must understand that we can call Angels to help us. According to the Universal rule, they do not interfere in our divine path unless we permit them to intervene and respect our free will.

Remember the prayer of the child Jesus? We often do this in the church: Ask, and you shall receive.

We must ask, but first, be positive, have faith, ask for divine guidance and the purpose (if you want to know your purpose on this earth), and leave the ifs and buts, how and when to the Divine. Talk to him as you talk to your most trusted friend. He will take care of everything for you. You would not even know or realize how everything sorts on its own.

Some people ask, I asked for this, and it didn’t manifest. Friends, we must understand that we are all divine children of God and that he is our ultimate heavenly father. He knows what is best for us, and he will never want his children to run after short-term happiness, which might not reap good results in the future. He will only manifest what is best for us and give us lifetime contentment, happiness, and joy.

Take every situation or decision of God as a blessing. Maybe if someone lost a loved one, God had some plan to make that person emotionally courageous and self-dependent. If what you planned did not work out, consider it a blessing. 

Maybe you were on the wrong path. There can be a Divine reason. For relationship issues, even if you went against your destiny and somehow married the person of your choice, that marriage didn’t last. It is a sign that the relationship might not serve your highest good. 

See the positive in everything, take it as an experience/lesson, and ask for divine guidance from God. He is always there to help us.

Always remember, we can see up to 180 degrees. However, God has a 360-degree vision and can analyze people, situations, and things much better than we can. Surrender your whole self.

I am sure I was able to share my views well, and I will be thankful if anyone in grief or on the verge of losing hope can revive God through me and this article.

I pray all the angels, guardian angels, archangels, cherubim, and the Divine (the God) to always keep watch over us, bless us, and guide us to our divine purposes, as well as to be our protection shield at all times. So be it, and so it is!

Love, light, peace, gratitude, and infinite blessings to you all!

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