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The 7 Chakras and How They Relate To Our Wellbeing

The 7 Chakras We had talked about the Chakras in our earlier posts to reveal what they are. Although there are many other chakras in our physical body and beyond the physical self, however, we will throw some light on the 7 main chakras in our body individually in this post, what these are, how they look and how they impact our lives if blocked, underactive, overactive or active (open) balanced state . The Muladhara or Root (Base) Chakra   This chakra is at the base or root of the spine. The color associated with this chakra is ruby red or red and this represents the earth element which allows us to stay grounded with our roots and connected with Mother Gaia (earth). It also represents a sense of security especially financially. When this chakra is active or open and in the balanced form it gives us a sense of security as a whole means we would feel more supported, secure and grounded, calm, and peaceful within ourselves. If it goes underactive or blocke

Our Existence Beyond the Physical Body

The human body is not just limited to an effigy of flesh and bones ; it is beyond that we have our deep and actual existence which we must be aware of . We are light , we are a soul , and we are a part of that divine light of God. Did you know we all have an electromagnetic field of energies around our physical being called “Aura” ? Aura is made up of electromagnetic radiations / energies/wavelengths and is kind of subtle vibration of the energies living in our bodies. These vibrations or wavelengths often affect our physical energies, our Chakras , our moods, situations in life, our thoughts, characters and sometimes reflects the diseases that human body currently suffers or can suffer in near future if not taken care of on time. We all have the power to see auras; however, with greater use of growing technologies and negative beliefs, most of us can’t see it from naked eyes, to be able to see the auras we need to practice self-discipline and meditations to rebuild thos