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Using the Holy Fire Violet Flame to Cleanse Yourself

(image on left courtesy internet) You must have heard or read about the 7 rays in the atmosphere during school days or in science journals having seven colors viz, red, blue, yellow, green, orange, indigo, violet. However, there are 12 rays and many of these we cannot see with naked eyes or directly. Out of these the 7 th Ray is for the Violet Ray regarding which we will discuss today in this article. This ray is of change, transformation and transmutation, magic, the inner change and transformation versus external change, the “Violet Flame” . St. Germain is the overseer and the Ascendant Master ( chohan or lord ) of the seventh ray: “The Violet Flame” . The twin flame of  Ascended  Master St. Germain is Lady Portia , the Goddess of Justice . St. Germain greatly promotes the freedom's flame and Lady Portia, promotes the flame of justice and opportunity. The name Saint Germain origins from the Latin word 'Sanctus Germanus' , meaning “Holy Brother” . The Ar