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Certified Usui and Angel Reiki Master Healer & Teacher, Crystal Healing Therapist, Lama Fera Healer & Teacher, Akashic Intelligence Guide & Healer, Mediumship/Channeling from the Ascended Masters & Spiritual Guides, Animal Communicator and Healer, 7 Chakra & Aura Healer, Intuitive Guide, Shamanic Practitioner, and Author

Hi! I'm Sakshi Vaashiisht and I'm an alternative science and healing therapist, as well as a teacher by passion. I am a certified intuitive guide and a healer. I am passionate about learning new healing modalities and expand my learning in Energy Healing and Quantum Healing techniques.
By profession, I am a soft skill trainer, a content writer, and an instructional designer. I've worked with a lot of well-known multinational corporations as well as training consulting firms. Despite my corporate success, I've never felt content with materialism and have always been drawn to spirituality and alternative healing therapies.
Since childhood, I've had a rare and close connection with the divine, and I've been blessed with the ability to see and sense future occurrences as a natural clairsentient and clairvoyant. I was attracted to tarot cards during my adolescence and often looked for readings for myself because I was curious about my future. Due to time constraints and tight schedules, I became disengaged from all of this, feeling it had no relevance in my life.
Major life upheavals, transformations, and experiences prompted me to evaluate these celestial gifts, and this was a major turning point for me and a clear message from the universe. My life experiences, as well as a strong connection to my past life, prompted me to pursue Past Life Regression Therapy. I was then encouraged to look into Reiki as a healing modality.
I then made the decision to move forward, beginning with Reiki Healing and eventually becoming a Reiki Master Healer. This changed my life, and subsequent divine miracles supported and encouraged me to continue my research and learning into holistic healing, and I gradually became a master of other reiki modalities and healing therapies, including Angel Healing Therapy. My love for animals inspired me to learn Animal Communication and Animal Reiki, which greatly aided me in healing my own pets and opened the door to assisting animals in ascending their souls towards liberation and healing from their sufferings.
Gradually, various higher-level meditations and healing techniques helped my spiritual growth and development. This is how I decided to professionally start practising and transforming my spiritual knowledge and experience into spiritual wisdom that not only continues to help me but others as well in their transformation, growth, healing, and self-development spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and at all other levels. I was being intuitively guided to start my own spiritual blog where I share my spiritual knowledge and practises. I also started my YouTube channel later to share more knowledge to reach globally.

In the year 2021, I launched my first book Love, Relationships & Catastrophic Melodrama in Life as a published author on Amazon. I am relaunching my book soon and will share the updated link with all my readers.
I am always enthusiastic about my therapy practise and have found God's guidance to continue on the path of being a lightworker forever.
God is my ultimate shield, I fear none!
God himself is the light on the path I am walking so there is nothing to worry about!

Om aim hreem kleem chamundaye vicche!

758, 858, 99 25 881, 814 418 719, 520, 741, 808

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