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About the Author

Certified Usui/Celestine/White Emperor & Prophestine Reiki Master Healer & Teacher, Angel Reiki Healing Therapist, Rune Casting & Healing, Crystal Healing Therapist, Lama Fera Healer & Teacher, Akashic Intelligence Guidance & HealerPsychic Writer or  Mediumship/ Channeling from the Ascended Masters & Spiritual Gurus, 7 Chakra, Meridian & Aura Healer, Animal Communicator and Reiki Healer, Intuitive Guide and Reader, Candle Healing Ritualist & Therapist, Author

Apart from being a Certified Professional Trainer/Coach & Content Designer and having worked with reputed MNCs, Educational Institutes and Training Consulting Companies, she is also an Alternate Science & Healing Therapist and a Teacher. Though professionally she's doing very well in her corporate field of expertise, she never felt contented with the materialisms and always felt connected to Spirituality & Alternative Healing Therapies and Modalities.

Since childhood, she has a rare and close connection with the divine and has the ability to clairsentience and clairvoyance to see and sense future happenings. During her teens, she had a craze for tarot cards and always kept looking for readings for herself and felt passionate to know about her future. However, with time and busy schedules she got herself disconnected from all this being ignorant and thinking it had nothing to do with her life. But, major shifts/changes and experiences in her life compelled her to take a U-turn and look back to these Celestial Gifts and that was a turning point and a clear call from the universe for her. Her life experiences and a strong connection to her past life encouraged her to take Past Life Regression Therapy, after that she got encouraged to research on Reiki as a healing modality.

She then decided to move ahead and slowly & gradually took her stepping stones in Reiki Healing and became a Reiki Master Healer. This changed her life with succeeding divine miracles in her life supported and encouraged her to further pursue her research and learning into holistic healings and she gradually became master of other reiki modalities and healing therapies too including Angel Healing Therapy. Her love for animals encouraged her to learn Animal Communication & Animal Reiki Healing which helped her a lot to heal her own pets and opened the doors for helping the animals to ascend their souls towards liberation and being healed in their sufferings.

She is always passionate about her therapy practice and has found God’s guidance to proceed on the path of being a Lightworker forever now.

God is my ultimate shield, I fear none!
God himself is the light on the path I am walking so there is nothing to worry about!

Om aim hreem kleem kalikaye namah!

758, 858, 99 25 881, 814 418 719, 520, 741, 808

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A Prayer for Guidance

Dear God, bless us all with your true will and guidance today. Thank You for always be our guiding light... Love, Light, Peace, Gratitude and Lots of Divine and Angel Blessings to you all….