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Healing Pets

In my last article,  Do Animals Need Healing? Yes, Indeed!  We discussed the emerging concept of animal healing and why it is sometimes significant to heal pets. This article sheds light on pets from the point of view of  energy beings  and  their energy system, i.e., their electromagnetic field .  Do animals also have  auras and chakras ? Yes, they do have. Do not be surprised because we will discuss their subtle body and energies today. You can understand more about auras  and chakras by  visiting my other articles on  Our Existence beyond the Physical Body  and  Chakra – The Energy Vortexes .  When we talk about animals, their energy and chakra system work almost the same as humans. As humans have an electromagnetic field around them, animals also have this field around them. This energy field is sensitive around them like babies. They can sense your intentions and feelings instantly and react to them. Like we keep ourselves protected and healed, it is necessary to keep our pets

Do Animals Need Healing? Yes, Indeed!

Are you astonished? Then you may be new to the concept of  animal healing . This article will help you understand this concept well. However, there are many other countries where  animal healing  is practiced and accepted by their medical councils for veterinary purposes. It is now accepted and practiced all over the world. With increasing awareness of spirituality, the need for healing does not restrict to humans or nature.  Animals  need it too. They are overly sensitive to energy and are natural healers. Have you ever felt depressed or upset, and the moment your cuddly friend walks in, you hug and cuddle them and feel better and forget about any sigh, pain, or distress that had upset you?  Their  unconditional love  will make you fall in love with them for sure!  Yes,  animals,  especially your pets, have inbuilt healing abilities as they are more in alignment with the universal energies. Because they can heal us, sometimes they are prone to absorbing energies around them, or some p