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Understand Your Life Patterns, Understand the Universe!

Are you going through repeated patterns in life (personal or professional)? Have you experienced repeated patterns in your romantic or career-based relationships?   Then, it is time for you to stop, pause, and reassess life patterns. It could be because of the beliefs you carried from many lifetimes (probably through previous or ancestral karma) or due to past experiences where you have developed specific fears, limiting beliefs, or energies that still attract the repeated cycles of situations and people in your life.   When you go through such situations, always pause and think thoroughly about why they are happening. Is there something you need to shift your attention to that you may still need to be aware of? Try focusing on the message/lesson for you in that situation.   When you identify the lessons and learnings for you in a situation and detach yourself from it, that experience, emotion, or individual will stop repeating that pattern in your life. Learn to be one with the divi

Why Self-Love is Important?

What is Self-Love? Let us first understand what  self-love  is. Do we even understand the true meaning of self-love and its importance in our lives? Since the day we are born into this world, we get overloaded with all sorts of different expectations. Expectations to be a good child, a good friend, a good spouse, a good individual, an efficient employee, and so on, trying to keep everyone happy around us. However, have we ever thought about it while we are busy keeping everyone happy? Somewhere we keep losing a part of ourselves each day. When was the last time you looked into the mirror and smiled while looking at the mirror, winked, complimented yourself for looking gorgeous, or said — Hey, I Love You? How many times have you tried to join a self-love program and then been unable to follow it properly, leading to no results from your efforts? What is this  self-love,  by the way, for you? Is it overspending on shopping or gadgets or hanging out with friends you do not seem to enjo