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Healing Pets

In my last article Do Animals Need Healing? Yes, Indeed! We discussed the emerging concept of Animal Healing and why is it sometimes important to heal pets. This article throws light on the Pets from Energy beings point of view and Energy System of pets. So, do animals also have Aura & Chakras ? Yes, they do have. Don't be surprised as this is what we are going to discuss in this article. To understand more on Aura and Chakras you may visit my previous articles Our Existence beyond the Physical Body and Chakra – The Energy Vortexes as they work almost same as human Aura and Chakras in animals too. So, coming back to the point of discussion about our beloved pets, like we humans have an electromagnetic field around us, animals also have this field around them and it is this field which is highly sensitive for animals as like babies they can sense your intentions and feelings instantly and react to it. It is necessary that as we keep ourselves protected and h

Do Animals Need Healing? Yes, Indeed!

Surprised to read this? Then you may be new to the concept of Animal Healing . This article will help you understand this concept well. There are many other countries in which Animal Healing is practiced and accepted by their medical councils for veterinary, however, it is now getting accepted and practiced all over the world. With increasing awareness in Spirituality the need for healing is not just restricted to humans or nature, Animals  need it too. They are too sensitive to energies and they are themselves born healers. Have you been feeling depressed or just not good and the moment your cuddly friend steps in and you just hug it, and cuddle for a while, you actually feel better and forget about any sigh or pain or distress that had upset you. Their Unconditional Love will make you fall in love with them for sure! Yes, Animals especially your pets have inbuilt healing abilities as they are more in alignment with the universal energies. But, as they can heal us

New in 'Alternative Healing' Modalities? Then before starting healing, Never overlook or miss these 'Precautions'

  Are you a newbie in Reiki, Pranic Healing, Angel Healing or any other Healing Modality? Then you must read this article, this will help and guide you to keep important points in mind before you actually start your practice with self and others (clients or family or may be friends). During my practices and also ever since I have been a part of alternate healing and therapies, I have noticed that many emerging healers though they are good at healing and been in this modality from a while now, are missing on important things and which is costing their own health or their loved ones are affected energetically. The reason is either they get drained out or after healing a client their own health and energies are affected too, this is because many of the newbies are not shielding themselves properly before starting the healing practices or doing it for free. In many Reiki Workshops also, and with many other Reiki Teachers ( with all due respect ), I personally observed that th

Using the Holy Fire Violet Flame to Cleanse Yourself

(image on left courtesy internet) You must have heard or read about the 7 rays in the atmosphere during school days or in science journals having seven colors viz, red, blue, yellow, green, orange, indigo, violet. However, there are 12 rays and many of these we cannot see with naked eyes or directly. Out of these the 7 th Ray is for the Violet Ray regarding which we will discuss today in this article. This ray is of change, transformation and transmutation, magic, the inner change and transformation versus external change, the “Violet Flame” . St. Germain is the overseer and the Ascendant Master ( chohan or lord ) of the seventh ray: “The Violet Flame” . The twin flame of  Ascended  Master St. Germain is Lady Portia , the Goddess of Justice . St. Germain greatly promotes the freedom's flame and Lady Portia, promotes the flame of justice and opportunity. The name Saint Germain origins from the Latin word 'Sanctus Germanus' , meaning “Holy Brother” . The Ar