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Stay 'Grounded' with the beauty of nature around us

Have you ever wondered how beautiful is the nature around us? How many of today even, look around and observe this beauty? We are always busy with something in our life running in a rat race to achieve something or the other, either financially, professionally or may be personally like love, success etc. What do we know or understand is “Mother Nature” ? Why it is so important to maintain this balance of nature and resources? Still thinking? As to maintain the ecological balance we need to maintain these balances, there is also one more balance we need to maintain in our own selves, and that is “ Grounding” , staying grounded . Many of you would think what is that even, we never heard that or understand it correctly. So, dear ones, Grounding means staying intact with mother earth’s energies and your earth star chakra. Our human body is a crystalline body which is connected to the universe and mother earth and we are like trees with roots. No matter how high we g