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Twin Flames Vs Soulmates

  Who are Twin flames? How often you have heard about Twin flame relationships? I am sure many of you who’ve started or are growing spiritually must be wondering what exactly a twin flame is and a relationship with a twin flame. This topic is very eminent among people & the couples/lovers who are awakening spiritually because their souls are now growing spiritually and want to know if the one they are in relationship with is their twin flame or not? This is because earlier these connections were very rarely found but in this Age of Aquarius (December 21, 2020, When Jupiter and Saturn conjuncts and aligns into Aquarius after almost 400 years which will be a “Great Conjunction” & brings huge shifts in our social lives, leaderships, innovation, technology, and revolution, focus on humanitarian issues etc.) , these connections are growing in existence. Going ahead we will also discuss about soulmates and how a soulmate is different from a twin flame, in addition, you will al


In the last article, I introduced Runes , continuing with that, I would like to add a few more ways to use Runes Magick in your Daily Life . So here are different ways to use them in your daily life: Draw your favorite rune in the air where you work or your living area, observe the shift in the energies and continue to experiment with different runes Draw over your food or your favorite beverages (tea, coffee, etc.) /water throughout the day Draw over the body to aid healing. You may draw Laguz for removing blockages or Berkana for overall healing. Combine Runes with Reiki or other healing modalities and see how it works for you as it actually works great when combined Draw protective runes over your doors, windows etc. while you cleanse/bless your home/office space etc. Let Runes connect with you through nature, maybe you find rune symbols in the clouds or drawn somewhere on the wall, etc. The more you connect; the more you open to them on a deeper level Pull a


Yes, RUNES, is one of our dandy topics today, we are going to discuss it! Ever heard this term “RUNES” or may have seen Runic/Viking symbols in the VIKINGS Movie? I had been away for a while and it’s been a long time that I wrote any article, I was a bit occupied, with a lot of things. So, here I am today with one of the interesting topics Runes. There had been a lot of stories and myths about Runes/Viking symbols, the more people you ask, the more stories you hear, and however, the prime aspect about runes is, it's simply “Magical”! I may not go too deep with Runes today, however, I would certainly throw some light on them in brief so you may get a gist of it. Let’s first start with the backdrop of Runes. To simplify, Runes , are magical symbols that enhance the power of our energy field as well as our healings/spells. They are mystery symbols for me as not everyone can decode and understand what they are used for if they are not spiritually advan