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How to Thrive Office Politics?

Spirituality Can Help You Win Office Politics Today we will discuss an intriguing topic. I have been trying to write on this for a long time and have gotten a few requests from people who find it challenging to deal with office politics while ascending into spirituality or everyday life. Office Politics, the Divine Comedy!  as the topic suggests, is a common problem nowadays.  With growing competition, awareness, knowledge, and the desire to be first, this problem affects many people who need help dealing with this challenge. People have asked me on more than one occasion if they are doing something wrong. While they are not, jealous people try to prevent their success or attempt to obstruct it even when they are not bothered by the former. You attract people, situations, and things into your life according to the vibrations/karmas you hold ( positive or negative ). [Click here to read my article on Karmic Balance – Balancing your Karmas ]   There are times when people questio