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Stay 'Grounded' with the beauty of nature around us

Have you ever wondered how beautiful the nature around us is? How many people today even look around and observe this beauty? We are always busy with something in our lives, running in a rat race to achieve something or the other, either financially, professionally, or may be personally, like love, success, etc.

What do we know or understand about "Mother Nature"? Why is it so important to maintain this balance between nature and resources? Still thinking? As to maintaining the ecological balance, we need to maintain these balances. There is also one more balance we need to maintain in our own selves, and that is "grounding." Staying grounded.

Many of you would wonder what that even is. We have never heard that or understood it correctly. So, dear ones, Grounding means staying intact with mother earth’s energies and your earth star chakra. Our human body is a crystalline body which is connected to the universe and mother earth, and we are like trees with roots. No matter how high we go in life, we need to stay grounded to maintain this balance of emotions, thoughts, feelings, etc.

Many times in this stressful life, we lose our temper, behave insanely, or give weird or overwhelming reactions when we should stay calm, cool, and in control of these emotions. But, do we actually do this?

Most of the time, as we get prone or fall prey to anxiety, anger, frustration, jealousy, and irritation, we might get too emotional or can’t just handle it; we are prone to unnecessary worry, tension, and stress, right? Why does this happen? Have we thought of it? Of course, you would say, "This happens to everyone." What’s new about it? However, not everyone will behave or react in the same manner. Some people are so calm and handle these things with such ease that you wonder how they do that. This is because they are grounded, and you may not be.

How many times over the weekend have you taken time to relax on the grass or walk barefoot, as you used to do as a child? Have you spent time alone with yourself?

It is actually important to spend time alone, sometimes walk barefoot on the floor and do a few easy exercises that can help us stay grounded and at peace with ourselves and others around us.

Walking bare feet is one (natural electrons from earth get transferred through our feet into our body), the other is spending time in nature, hugging a tree for a while, holding a wooden stick or item made of wood (earth element), using crystal healing to stay grounded, meditation, doing simple grounding exercises where you just need five minutes during the morning or night, where you can visualize silver roots growing from your feet soles and going deep into the mother earth’s crust and wrapping around firmly with your earth star chakra (which is about 12 feet below our human existence and looks like a big crystal ball shining bright white in color) and the crystalline grid of mother earth.

At that time, you may experience feelings, visions, thoughts, or emotions. Initially, you might feel uneasy, heavy at heart, or too emotional to vent out all the pent-up things. Definitely, do that, and before every such exercise, do not forget to first relax and take a few deep breaths. When you feel you want to vent out such heavy feelings, take a deep breath and just exhale it out.

It would be better if you could do this exercise regularly for at least 21 continuous days, as it takes our mind and body that long to get accustomed to new habits and processes. You will definitely feel the difference, a positive one, in a few days. In fact, few people feel the difference on the very first or second day of this practice.

Your unnecessary emotional issues, stress, fear, and anxiety will start to fade away. You will stay calm in unpleasant situations and make wise decisions, not hasty ones like earlier. You might also naturally learn to respond rather than react to any awkward or unpleasant situations or people too. You will feel free to let go of things without regret, anger, or guilt.

So, be calm and grounded as it will help you a lot in staying connected to your higher self and your roots, which will keep you in control of your emotional self.

I hope this article will help you all to try grounding exercise and create a positive difference in your lives.

Love, Light, Peace, Gratitude, and Blessing to All…!!!

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