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Using the Holy Fire Violet Flame to Cleanse Yourself

(Image on left courtesy internet)
(Image on left courtesy internet)

The Twelve Rays

You must have heard or read about the seven rays in the atmosphere during school days or in science journals that have seven colors: red, blue, yellow, green, orange, indigo, and violet. However, there are twelve rays, many of which are not visible to our naked eyes.

What is Violet Flame?

Out of these, the seventh ray is for the Violet Ray, which we will discuss today in this article. This ray is of change, transformation, transmutation, magic, inner change, and transformation versus external change, the Violet Flame.

The Overseer of the Violet Flame

St. Germain is the overseer and the ascendant master (Chohan, or lord) of the seventh ray, The Violet Flame. The twin flame of ascended Master St. Germain is Lady Portia, the Goddess of JusticeSt. Germain promotes the freedom flame, and Lady Portia promotes the flame of justice and opportunity

Name St. Germain originates from the Latin word Sanctus Germanus, meaning Holy Brother. The archangel associated with this ray is Archangel Zadkiel.

(Image courtesy internet)

Many diplomats, guides of the sacred fire, actors, writers, defenders, and protectors of freedom serve and work closely with Saint Germain on the seventh ray.

It is not merely a ray or beam of light but much more than that. I have tried its cleansing process and felt a positive shift when using the violet flame cleansing method. The Violet Flame cleanses your auric field and helps accelerate or enhance your spiritual development. 

It applies to distinct purposes, such as healing physical and emotional problems and improving relationships. It transmutes the negative energy into positive, revitalizes & restores your energy field.

The roots of many dis-eases (purposely written this way), negative thoughts, and feelings lie deeper in our emotional and mental bodies; the violet flame, with the power of its transmutation and transformation, provides us an easy platform to heal all these issues and problems. It is a universal gift of God. Once you learn to use it, you will find benefits in cleansing, transmutation, and protection.

There could be times when you pick up negative energies and thoughts from other people around you, which may affect your auric field. As soon as these energies enter your aura, they affect your life force negatively.

One must keep their aura clean and shielded to stay unaffected by these energies that do not serve your highest good. 

When you use the violet flame or invoke it, it is not necessary to see it or hear it; you may feel tingling or positive energies around you and like a load is being lifted and released from your body, mind, heart, or soul.

Violet Flame is an intense cleansing method that helps you release and transmute the ties and karmic loads from the past life, experiences, or situations in this life which hold you back from living a much happier, lighter, and joyful life.

The Violet Flame Invocation Affirmation or Mantra

The mantra or affirmation St. Germain has provided to all of us to transmute personal, planetary, and past errors or pains in any of our lifetimes and timelines through thoughts, feelings, and actions is:

I AM a being of violet fire, 

I AM the purity God desires.

There are decrees to invoke the sacred violet flame, and here it is mentioned below (repeat nine times):

I AM the violet flame,

In action in me now

I AM the violet flame,

To light alone, I bow.

I AM the violet flame,

In mighty cosmic power

I AM the light of God,

Shining every hour

I AM the violet flame,

Blazing like a sun.

I AM God's sacred power,

Freeing everyone

(Courtesy: Violet Flame to Heal Body, Mind & Soul by Elizabeth Clare Prophet)

When I used this decree, I instantly felt a shift in my vibrations. Elizabeth Clare Prophet has explained the benefits and meaning of using this decree. When you repeat I AM the violet flame every time, it means you are accepting the fact that God is in me in the form of a violet flame, allowing him to transform you in a way that makes you closer and united with God, with the oneness we all must live our lives.

Elizabeth validated that when we use the violet flame, it allows us to divinely recall the karmas or karmic ties, past actions, or stuck emotions in our mental or emotional bodies (sometimes present in the form of a physical disease) through lucid or vivid dreams. 

It is like self-realization, and then at a soul level, you get rid of that emotion, issue, or karma which might have been challenging in the present life. Your soul knows the Universe and its laws, so when it chooses not to repeat that action, that karmic cycle gets broken.

If there is a situation in your life or experience or relationship that you do not know the roots of, it might be a sign for you to look into your past life, and violet flame or fire can prove to be an effective tool for you. 

Only when your soul is ready to deal with a past life incident will you be reminded of it in a vivid dream. During hypnosis, sometimes it may lead to thoughts that may not even belong to you or that situation. It could create confusion and lead to unsolved matters and unanswered questions regarding your case.

However, the Violet Flame is itself a flame of God. He will reveal your past to you through dreams or visions and the part you can deal with at present in your life. Sometimes, not everything is required to be revealed or recalled. It is when you can dissolve your past karmic actions. 

How can you do it?

Try this method while having fun like your child self. Elizabeth Clare's Prophet originally shared this method. I am solely sharing it for reference and help to those who do not have access to her books or information.

Here are the steps you can follow:

  1. Whenever you start getting the visions or thoughts haunting you from childhood or past pains, visualize a giant violet-colored eraser or duster, as we used them during school to erase the blackboard.

  1. It will work miraculously for you, as after a few days, you will observe positive shifts and differences in your thoughts and overall personality, feelings, and dealing with day-to-day traumatic or stressful events, people, or fears.
  1. Once you erase what is not serving you, ask the Violet Flame and God to guide you to take your next step toward your life plan. No! It is different from your next job or how to get started with all your desires. It is the sacred plan you already agreed to with higher beings and the world before coming into this lifetime to fulfill in this lifetime which you could not do in previous lives due to some karmic cycles or situations.
  1. You have the power to erase and re-write your life plan now. Connect with your masters to review your life plan and see how you can restart your journey toward its fulfillment.
  1. The first thing or change you will see in yourself is the ability to forgive. You will start feeling positive about yourself and others around you and tend to surpass or forgive their mistakes or actions easily. It is OK to forgive and forget as it is for your betterment and to allow yourself to move forward in life by untying the knots of the past that are no longer serving your highest good.

Here we are repeatedly talking about transmuting negative energy. In what forms can it exist? It can be negative thought patterns, disease or accidents that you may be encountering, or deep-seated habit patterns due to which you often find it difficult to get along with others around you. 

Your aura reflects your positive energies and the feelings of hatred, jealousy, anger, emotional sighs, etc. It is often due to your thoughts, past karmic energies, and the energies of others around you.

If you recall an incident where you were so happy when you entered a room, the moment you entered inside, suddenly you began to feel irritated and angry. It could be due to the energies in the room from other people sitting there, or it could be due to the person sitting next to you holding anger and unknowingly projecting them onto you. 

These energies solidify around you like a dark pit or cloud. They can make you feel annoyed, energetically low, or irritated over petty things that usually do not affect you.

It weighs you down heavily with its load. So, even if you are a newbie to spirituality, you can still start your journey with a violet flame cleansing or invocation (mind it, it is sacred and no game, so maintain respect when you invoke it).

Regular practice of these decrees will help you take one step forward each time to reunite with your Higher Self and God, improving your relationship with yourself and God. Violet Flame works on a psychological level, transmuting our fears, threats, negative energies, thoughts, and even transmuting psychic debris.

You may also use Violet Flame to protect yourself. I can guarantee it will work wonders because I have used it in the past, and it worked awesome when you have no choice but to visit a crowded place or meet a person whom you do not want to let read your thoughts or aura. 

Some people have the habit of reading minds, thoughts, or your personal life psychically to show off their psychic abilities without the intent to help you but to show off. If it makes you uncomfortable or threatens your privacy, use the Violet Flame Decree and see how it works.

Before we conclude this article, I want to share how violet flame works. Once you understand the science behind it, you can use it better. 

As I mentioned in one of my previous articles on Chakra – The Energy Vortexes, we all have seven types of bodies, namely, Physical, Etheric, Astral, Mental, Causal, Buddhi/Cosmic/Spirit, Spiritual/Higher self/Light body. We all have an electromagnetic field around us. Because we are all made up of atoms (not just in books but in reality), the vibration field around us works on this 'empty' space held by the electrons (electromagnetic field), and it is this 'empty' space between the nucleus and the outer edges. 

The Violet Flame can enter these spaces, uplift, transmute, and transform the negative energy into positive energy and free up the space to let the cosmic energies flow freely in our subtle bodies. It helps removes the energy blocks causing diseases and illness, improves immunity, and restores our ability to survive, stay healthy, and be happy on a subtle level by rejuvenating and providing more vitality.

Clogged karma or negative energy creates discomfort and becomes a barrier to the free flow of cosmic energies into our physical and elemental bodies. The moment this happens, our electromagnetic field starts resonating with these negative energies, causing more problems, blockages, and imbalances on physical, mental, emotional, and ethereal levels. It then disconnects us from our awareness of our God-presence being and causes diseases or illnesses, lowering our resistance and immunity level to deal with these diseases. Violet Flame can pass through these clogged particles and dissolve them, raising vibrations, making you healthier, and allowing the free flow of cosmic/positive energies in all our bodies.

Whenever you feel like washing yourself off negativity, call on St. Germain, Archangel Zadkiel, and the Angels of the Violet Flame and experience the bliss and purity within! Try it!

Love, light, peace, gratitude, and infinite blessings to all!!!

A Lightworker in service of God forever

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