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How to Thrive Office Politics?

Spirituality Can Help You Win Office Politics

Today we will discuss an intriguing topic. I have been trying to write on this for a long time and have gotten a few requests from people who find it challenging to deal with office politics while ascending into spirituality or everyday life.

Office Politics, the Divine Comedy! as the topic suggests, is a common problem nowadays. With growing competition, awareness, knowledge, and the desire to be first, this problem affects many people who need help dealing with this challenge.

People have asked me on more than one occasion if they are doing something wrong. While they are not, jealous people try to prevent their success or attempt to obstruct it even when they are not bothered by the former.

You attract people, situations, and things into your life according to the vibrations/karmas you hold (positive or negative). [Click here to read my article on Karmic Balance – Balancing your Karmas] 

There are times when people question me about why others gossip. Why cannot they understand the points of view of others? Why cannot they mind their own business, etc.?

Some people will be troubled by triggered emotions or ego energies, such as how someone can say this to them. They are their superiors or bosses in the workplace. It is as if you do not value my opinion as the other person does.

Few people have assumptions about themselves and others. Some people expect how other people must respond because of their preconceived notions about themselves and others.

If you are looking for an easy solution, stop looking at what others are doing and what others are pursuing. No matter what happens around us, it is essential to keep an open mind and not become overly focused on the negative aspects of our surroundings.

Most people are still stuck in a physical plane and don’t realize it is not outside; it is inside that we need to look at and work on ourselves. When you point one finger toward someone else, the other four are toward you, and you tend to see your reflection in others and try to become defensive or take it personally.

Not everyone can be spiritually at the same level. 

Everyone goes through their journey. There is a divine timing and a call from the Universe. When you hear and acknowledge your divine call, it will change your life forever!

However, you need not be spiritual to deal with all these things around you, but spirituality can indeed help you. Did you notice that people who regularly meditate or follow some spiritual practices are more strong mentally and emotionally than those who do not?

Here is the catch — becoming spiritual will not make you a saint or sage unless you, with your free will, decide to become one as per your divine path or divine purpose realization. However, what spirituality does is help one recall their powers within and without.

When you meditate, you give space and acknowledgment to yourself, your higher self, and the cosmos within. It helps you align with yourself and the cosmos. It will help you identify what needs to be worked on, which will eventually reflect in your world outside.

Even if you do not hurt someone, you may still hold a past grudge, guilt, or negative energy and emotions inside that are attracting that particular pattern in your life. It could also be a way for the divine to make you hear and understand what it is trying to convey. You may have been ignorant and missed it for many lifetimes or years.

People will keep on triggering you. They will create challenges in your life. All you need to do is see them from the eyes of the divine and not the external ones. The more you live in gratitude mode and accept things the way they are, keeping your dignity and originality even after being a part of this illusion world, the more you will have peace in your mind, body, and soul.

Emotional and mental triggers are nothing but an opportunity to identify what is wrong within and what they are guiding us. Work on that habit, that resistance or fear you are holding back inside you, and once it is cured or worked upon, you will notice those patterns will start dissolving on their own, and those people or kinds of situations will stop occurring in your life.

Consider this a divine comedy where you come across some characters who think they are playing smart. However, they are helping you improvise and become a better version of yourself by strengthening your capabilities and abilities to deal with them gracefully.

People who play politics, create obstacles for others, or attempt to harm others are harming themselves because they add more negative karma to their lives and finances. These people hold within themselves a lot of emotional pain or other problems.

The more you invest time in these things, the more time you waste. Instead, you should start working on yourself and stop this.

Many of us may be unaware that the Universe works on some spiritual laws (there are more than 25 laws and even more), and one of the laws is Give and Receive or the Law of three. What you give is you get back with the power of three.

Even if you are abusing yourself or others, criticizing or cursing yourself or others, it will only add to your burden. Learn to be humble, assertive, and not rude and dominant. If insulting someone brings happiness to you, it is alarming. 

You have a lot of pain inside you, which you seem to blame on others. You think giving them the pain will make you happy, but you do not realize you are calling that pain back to yourself with the power of three, which is three times.

Coming back to our discussion, here, I am sharing a few Golden Rules or Secrets to Winning at Office Politics and how to stay happy and joyful throughout life:

The first rule is to forget about the opinions of others about you. What others think or say about you is not your reality, so feeling sad, annoyed, or inferior about what the other person thinks about you should not matter to you at all. 

If they say something, you are blessed with a strong mind and heart and two ears to listen to one and let it take an exit from the other one.

The second rule is to stop looking for approval from others. Unless someone approves of you, your qualities, or your shortcomings, you are not complete or whole within are destructive thoughts. 

Some people say they do not care what others say, but inside they are triggered and keep plunging into what was said, thinking negatively about themselves. That creates a fear of inferiority or hurtful emotions inside you, which is enough to self-sabotage.

The third rule is respecting individual boundaries. 

Respecting boundaries does not mean one becomes rude or avoids talking to others. It means becoming acquainted with others while still not losing yourself by identifying your boundaries while interacting with others and understanding how much and what to say. That applies to everyone, keeping in mind what and how to talk to others. 

Unless the other person is trustworthy, never share your personal life/private moments with them. Ignoring this may give space to gossip and slander. Privacy matters! Learn to say No wherever necessary.

The fourth and most vital rule is taking responsibility.

Yes, taking responsibility for your thoughts, words, and behavior is equally important before you hold someone accountable for their behavior. Remember to treat others the way you want them to treat you.

The fifth rule is self-love.

Remember this golden rule in your life. You must first understand self-love and not what others have conditioned you mentally for years. To know more about self-love, read my previous post, Why Self-Love is Important?

The sixth rule is to know yourself by meditating.

Meditation is vital for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. The more you build a spiritual relationship with yourself, the more you will be at peace and know the unknown truths of this Universe. It teaches and guides you about communicating with the cosmos for whatever you wish to manifest in your life.

Also, meditation helps you reconnect with yourself and lets you hear your inner voice, which is your sixth sense. It helps with prompt and correct decision-making in life.

When you meditate, you give space and permission to yourself and the Universe. It allows you to release all the energies, cords, thoughts, and whatever is not serving your highest good from your physical and etheric body, which is the electromagnetic field we all have around us. 

The clear it is, the more you are aligned with yourself, and the more you stay within your boundaries and in peace with yourself and others. Meditation also helps you keep grounded in times of stress and help your logical and creative mind work better.

The seventh rule is to learn to forgive. 

It is like a nail in the coffin. Put all negativity, negative thoughts, resentments, revenge, guilt, or painful memories in a coffin of memories, hit the final nail of forgiveness, and forget about it. 

It is important to note that the more you learn and practice this technique, the more you will see positive changes in your life. To read more about forgiveness techniques, visit my previous articles on It is Important to Forgive Your Self and OthersForgiveness & Love are the only Stepping Stones, and A Prayer for Forgiveness.

Forgiveness helps you forgive and forget, but with practice, you will notice that other people no longer have the power to manipulate and trigger you. You are more focused, peaceful, and happy both within and without. 

It will also instill a habit of ignoring and mindfulness. Whatever does not serve your happiness, be it people, situations, or any of their actions or words about you, will stop affecting you. With this, you will notice it will become a natural course of your life, and you will become more joyful.

Take the initiative with these seven rules and observe the positive difference in your life. The information I shared as guidance will be helpful for all my blog readers throughout the cosmos!

Love, Light, Peace, Gratitude, and Blessings to all!

We all are one!

We are Love!

One Love!

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