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eBook "Love, Relationships, and the Catastrophic Melodrama in Life," 2nd Edition. Now available on Amazon

With the blessings of the divine, I have released the 2nd Edition of my eBook "Love, Relationships, and the Catastrophic Melodrama in Life." Dive into this eBook to understand the depth of relationships, 3D reality of relationships, and how to efficiently and effectively manage them. The eBook also highlights the case studies, personal experiences with clients/acquaintances, tips on identifying Inner Child issues and traumas along with a gist of identifying Narcissism and dealing with it. It's about healing relationships and working on a conscious level. The published copy of my eBook is available on,, and Here is the link - B0BTB769WD?ref_=cm_sw_r_apann_ dp_B70130XQ1JTK08MX1NFB . Follow me on Amazon to stay updated about new releases - . Grab your copy now! Gratitude. 😇🙏🥰 Regards Sakshi Vaashiisht