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Healing Through Bloodline Consciousness/Ancestral Healing

I have been considering writing this article for a long time. It is my favorite topic, and because I have my healing journey through this method, I felt guided to share my experiences and guidance for all who need Bloodline Consciousness or Ancestral healing.

How Did I Come Across Bloodline Consciousness Healing?

When I first came across ancestral healing, it was an entirely new concept. Being a proud Indian with a background in Vedic schooling, I was more aware of the Pitrupaksha Rituals/Shraddh Paksha for honoring our ancestors and performing some rituals for their peace and ascension to the Divine light.

I initially met a few mentors through which I learned a few rituals. Later, consistent efforts and my free will to work with my ancestors to identify specific blocks that impacted my life helped me dive deeper, learn, and explore more.

Understanding the DNA and the DNA Consciousness

To understand ancestral patterns, you must learn and explore the DNA Consciousness which flows into our DNA, which creates our 3D reality, karmic patterns/sequences, and many unusual blocks in the present life that we do not understand or can consciously contemplate.

I am a die-hard fan and follower of Gregg Braden, and I am always keen to listen to his discussions and podcasts. He excellently explained the Human DNA Story. During my spiritual ascension, I came across many people who claimed to be "so-called" ascension coaches and spiritual teachers. However, later it was revealed they only had selfish motives, faked their ascension, and were more interested in making money by bargaining their conscience.

It is a harsh truth that in the world we live some people fake it for their selfish motives, and some genuinely want to help humanity. I highlighted my experience with fake teachers because I am both a Starseed and Lightworker. I had to go through this experience to understand the depths of trusting my instincts and fulfill specific Karmas.

By the way, there is a difference between a Starseed and a Lightworker that many people need help understanding. However, it is possible that someone is both a Starseed and a Lightworker and descended to this 3D reality to help humanity and Mother Gaia. I have an ancient history of my soul which I could only discover through my consistent meditations while I continued working with my Shaman ancestors. Yes, you read it correctly. I am proud to admit the history of my soul and my ancestors and why I have specific gifts that I learned to recall and hone in my present life to deal with specific ancestral patterns and issues.

Back to our discussion on DNA Consciousness, you can learn about DNA, its molecule structures, and other scientific facts hereJames Watson, Francis Crick, and Maurice Wilkins are the scientists who successfully discovered DNA descriptions. Their steady work and experiments brought to light the evolution of humanity and other species and how Consciousness and DNA are closely interconnected.

How Did I Start My Ancestral Healing?

I started with some basic rituals on No Moon or Amavasya. These rituals opened the sealed doors of communication and proximity with my present-life ancestors, which further unlocked the doors for my other lifetimes' ancestors to communicate and guide me ahead on my path.

During my present life childhood, I was instilled with natural abilities to see and communicate with the departed ancestors and light beings, i.e., Clairvoyance, Claircognizance, Clairaudience, and Clairsentience. However, because I was unconsciously unaware and due to societal mental conditioning, I could not understand those gifted abilities and use them properly for the issues I experienced in childhood and adulthood.

Out of six Clairs, I was gifted with four of them naturally. There were times when I shared these experiences with my parents, and they often rejected and declared it to be a whim. It greatly impacted my ability to trust my instincts and listen to my inner voice. I gradually started believing what my family perceived, which deeply affected my gifts, and they started diminishing as I grew.

It is a prominent reason I am writing this article to spread awareness about identifying your, or the natural abilities of your loved ones, that they might possess at an early age. Revelation and understanding such abilities help shape life as per your divine soul blueprint and not as per societal norms and expectations. In my case, due to mental conditioning, unawareness, and a few unusual experiences per my soul blueprint, I realized late how blessed I am to possess these gifts from my ancestors.

With consistent meditations and guidance from my ancestors, I successfully reclaimed my gifts. They also guided me and helped me identify specific patterns which impacted my equation with my family.

I worked on those patterns consistently, which brought tremendous positive shifts in myself and my equation with my family. Let me also clarify a fact seeing all these things from a spiritual perspective, when your soul is ready to shed specific Karmas and patterns Universe will send you guidance and guides when you need them the most, i.e., the divine timing.

They guided me to learn Shamanic Healing and other techniques that helped me in my ascension and Karmic cleansing. It did not merely help me, but my family too. 

My deceased pets and present pet souls also support and guide me through my journey. It is a significant reason I am a die-hard animal and Nature lover. It also encouraged me to learn and become an animal communicator and healer, especially when I get requests from pet parents to help communicate or guide their lost pets back home. I am giving second thoughts about pursuing my animal communication ability seriously. Presently, I have helped a few acquaintances and friends. I am considering honing this skill more to help more pet parents and feel more confident about my ability to help them.

My Progression During the Journey

I have progressed in my Bloodline Consciousness healing and figured out additional methods to transmute, heal, and transform ancestral karmas, patterns, and issues faster. I am more aware of specific times, dates, and occasions during the year and ensure I make offerings to my ancestors and ask them for healing and guidance in a situation they can guide me better.

I continue practicing my Vedic rituals, Mind Control, and Shamanic ceremonies/offerings to receive their blessings and guidance directly or through dreams, Shamanic journeys, or astral travels.

Mind Control is an inspiring technique to spiritually and neurologically understand the excellent tool God gifted to us, i.e., the Brain and its neurological system, and how we can control and use it for the benefit of humanity and ourselves. When we understand the essence and structure of our Brain, it is easier for us to manage it efficiently. It also instills positivity and confidence and helps avoid victim consciousness.

Words of Encouragement

I encourage you to ascend from ignorance and understand life through other perspectives to grow scientifically, culturally, and spiritually. They all go hand-in-hand. Spirituality is a tool that can help you in all aspects of your life.

Be vigilant of the fraudsters concurrently and keep up the trust because if there is darkness, there is light. If it is evil, it is good. It is the duality we must live with on this planet of the 3rd Dimension. Live in awareness to catch and identify when, where, and through what medium you receive the guidance. It will open your mind to endless possibilities and see life beyond the 3D reflectors.

Maintain a diary of your experiences, progress, and future goals for healing. It helps in tracking your progress and journey so far.

How Can Bloodline Consciousness Healing Help Us?

Ancestral healing can help us address deep-rooted genetic health issues, financial patterns and blocks, specific belief systems, identifying your soul blueprint, and much more. We can change our DNA and destiny by changing our Bloodline Consciousness fed from generation to generation that impacted the generations before and presently impacting us. I have seen an extensive transformation in my life, family, and all other aspects, my thought process, beliefs, and ascension journey.

It will help you transmute, heal, and transform many blockages, patterns, and issues that will help you discover your authentic self and benefit future generations. Change your consciousness, change your life!

I hope I successfully shared the gist of Bloodline Consciousness and how healing it can heal your life.

Love, light, peace, harmony, healing, and infinite blessing to all!


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