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Karmic Balance (Balancing your Karmas)

I am writing this article at the request of my viewers and clients.

To start with, let’s recall a few excerpts from my previous article on "The Karma Story," where we discussed karmic relationships and how to break this cycle.

If we look around us today, almost everyone has hardships. Some people are not happy. Some are struggling in relationships, jobs, or finances. Most of the time, when we visit a priest, an astrologer, or any holistic practitioner, they often advise us to balance our karmas through certain remedies or advice, but we often fail to understand their actual meaning and concept.

Many of us might not be completely aware of the terms "karma" and "balancing the karma".

Whatever the case, the information I am going to share in this article is based on the kinds of issues that we, as holistic practitioners, come across or have collated from the experiences and people around us, in addition to the spiritual practices and knowledge that we acquire and possess.

So let’s first understand what we understand by "karma."

Karma is an action (or state of being) that has specific (good or bad) consequences; these karmas are generated by our core intentions (Chetna, चेतना), and intentions are very important.

Most of us don’t even know how this science works. The moment we think of something good or bad, we immediately send a signal to the universal energies and the thought is created. Through this thought, karma takes birth and then this cycle begins.

Of course, you're thinking; it's a natural process, and how can we stop thinking? You don’t need to stop thinking, but if you start following Buddha’s teachings or giving attention to any other saint’s teachings (all are the same; the only difference could be language or way of imparting), you will realize they focus on intentions (Chetna, चेतना), causes (reasons) [invisible cause or causes of the visible effect, not necessarily confined to the present life; they may be linked to the past].

As per Buddhist teachings, "our present mental state, moral intellect, mental conditioning, inherited karmic balances, and temperamental differences can be the most prominent reasons for more than our actions only from the present and past, as they often add to our deeds of the karmic present."

There is a great need today for all of us to understand this concept seriously and balance our karmic balance sheets in order to reduce or end our suffering.

For me, it also includes our give-and-receive balances for our finances. We cannot simply ask and keep receiving; we must balance every receipt with giving, whether it is money, love, respect, good deeds, or anything else that we receive in some form for our contentment.

The Law of Karma plays an important role in our sufferings or blessings. All experiences, whether of fortune or misfortune, are due to some or other past actions. Based on these actions, humans acquire specific characteristics or attributes that make them have a certain personality or persona, and they follow their deeds accordingly.

[Remember that everything in this universe is interconnected, whether it is humans, animals, or other species, plants, nature, the earth, sun, moon, karmas, planets, deeds, love, relationships, sufferings, blessings, or anything you can imagine.]

The belief that "mental attitude and physical circumstances take birth or existence merely because of past karmas" was refuted by Buddha. He mentioned that if this were a complete truth, then "freewill" would have had no existence, and today it is sad that most people do not even know that God has a freewill concept (the universal law of free will) that allows us to take control of our lives in our hands and allows us to redefine things by rectifying our wrongdoings, karma balance, and clearing karmic debts towards people, money, or anything that counts and adds to our sufferings.

The majority of people fear God and live in fear that God is causing their suffering, but the truth is that we are responsible for our own suffering. God has always said, "Ask and you shall receive!" He will never deprive anyone of anything. It’s we who limit and distance ourselves from his blessings with our thoughts and karma.

Life is a game. It will keep throwing challenges at us. We need to play those rounds, learn the lessons, clear the karmic balances and debts, and move on. Only through this, as a soul, can we proceed to our liberation (Mukti), which will lead us back to the divine source from where we came.

We are all more than just physical human forms; we are more. We are light beings, energy beings, and we need to understand these concepts thoroughly to understand life and the divine to the core.

Because of mental conditioning and limiting beliefs, we don't and never try to explore our lives and their principles. Life is not a 9-5 job, having a peaceful married life with children, getting old, and then dying. This is not what we are all here for. We are here to learn lessons and clear the karma cycle so we can purify our souls, and immerse ourselves back into the divine light of which we are all a part (GOD).

The Buddha says

I declare, O Bhikksuhs, that desire or discretion (own will) is Karma. Having willed one acts by body, speech, and thought. " (Anguttara Nikaya)

Karma does not necessarily mean past actions; it encircles both past and present deeds. Hence, we are the result of what we were; we will be the result of what we are. The present is no doubt the generation or consequence of the past, and so will be our presentation of the future, but the present is not always a true index of either the past or the future, so complex is the concept of Karma!

In short, Karma is "The Law of Cause and Effect."

We also learned in science that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. This is what we are actually talking about. Karma is like a seed generated from our thoughts or intentions, and once that is sown, it will manifest and result in consequences, suffering, or blessings.

Here, we can follow the "Flower Theory," which many people might be aware of. If we consider the process of pollination and how a flower or a plant grows, the seed is sown, and it gives birth to a small plant with roots that are deeply connected to the base of that seed. It further adds branches and leaves, fruits, or flowers to that plant. In this way, it follows the cycle of karma for us. The better and better the seed, the more positive the intention, and the sweeter the fruit, or else we only get bitterness in the results.

According to the nature of the Karma seed, the fruit could be happiness, bliss, unhappiness or misery, prosperity, health and longevity, poverty, ugliness, disease, short life span, and so on.

As we sow, so we reap somewhere and some time, either in the present life or in future births. The Samyutta Nikaya (Buddhist scripture) states:

"According to the seed that’s sown,
So is the fruit you reap therefrom,
Doer of goodwill gather good,
Doer of evil, evil reaps,
Down is the seed and thou shalt taste the fruit thereof."

Karma is a law in itself, which operates in its own sphere despite getting affected or intervening by any external, independent ruling forces.

Karma is a vast concept with different classifications, and we will discuss it in detail at some other point in time. However, let’s now get back to our focus on how to balance these karmas. Or, once we as humans or souls have reached our realization and understand the causes of our sufferings, what can we do to clear or balance them?

The following are some common practices that we can always do because they bring more self-realization, connection, compassion, peace of mind, and desires, and help us to move forward toward our spiritual liberation, which ultimately encourages us to clear our karmas and balance them, as well as keep purifying our souls as pure as when we came to this world, and in order to return to the divine source, we must purify our souls once more:

Forgiveness: The most important key to balancing our karma is forgiveness. Forgiving ourselves of our guilt, regrets, and so on, as well as others who have wronged us. If we curse or become revengeful, we will never be able to break this cycle. Forgiveness exercises, such as "Ho'oponopono," which I discussed in one of my previous articles on forgiveness, can be extremely beneficial. Always identify your karmic load and work on its balancing through forgiveness. 
Do good deeds, help the needy, and feed the poor: Do it without any expectations or anything in return. Do it with your heart and soul, surrendering the result to the divine. 
Share success and joy with everyone: It always doubles and intensifies happiness when shared with others. Doing small deeds which can bring happiness or a smile to someone’s face is equally accepted as if you were to do something with the money. So, money is not the only way to bring happiness to someone or yourself. 
Keep your thoughts positive: The more you stay optimistic and keep thinking positively, the more you will start to understand the Law of Attraction and how it works with our thoughts. Negative thoughts act as a barrier to our success, happiness, and karma clearing.
Prayers: Remember, "Prayer" is the strongest tool. Prayer and faith can move the mountains. When you have no control over a situation, surrender. Just pray to God and his beings to bless you with tolerance and guide you through this process of suffering, making it bearable.
Acceptance: Acceptance of suffering as a natural part of life. As mentioned by Sai Baba in "Sai Satcharitra": "कर्मयोग की भट्टी में जलना ही प ड़ ता है।". If you avoid going through your karma, you will never be able to break the cycle of karma. It’s better to bear it today rather than continue to suffer for many lifetimes.

Continue the journey through any of the four yogas: Karma Yog, Bhakti Yog, Kriya Yog, and Gnana (Gyan-Consciousness). The four yogas also help us reach divine consciousness, or to the divine, but they will also guide us to release the karmas and break the cycle. Once a being is conscious, he/she will know the gist (essence) of life and be able to understand the concepts of free will and balancing the karmas.

Energy Healing: Energy healing for oneself and others (if a holistic practitioner) through practices such as meditation, Reiki healing, Lama Fera (Buddhist healing technique), Karmic clearing, and healing. 

Cut the toxic attachments with your karmas: The longer you hold on to emotional or mental attachments or fears, the more they will act as a barrier for you, so it is always important to cut the cords or attachments that do not serve your highest good. This will definitely help you seek and identify divine guidance and move in a new direction. 

There are many ways to balance and remove the old karmic patterns. You just need to be conscious and ready to accept the help from the divine, which is always present around us. However, being ignorant, we hardly notice it.

I hope this article will bring some awareness and help the viewers understand the concept of karma and karmic balance.

I've attempted to condense and convey the key points through this article. However, karma is a vast concept and deserves its own article because it encompasses so much ground.

Love, Light, Peace, Gratitude, and Blessings to all…!!!

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