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Understand Your Life Patterns, Understand the Universe!

Are you going through repeated patterns in life (personal or professional)? Have you experienced same kind of patterns in your romantic or career based relationships?

Then, it is time for you to stop, take a pause and reassess this pattern. This could be a cause of beliefs you had been carrying from many lifetimes (may be karmically) or may be due to past experiences you have developed certain fears, beliefs or energies that still attracts the same kind of situations and people in your life.

When you go through any such situation, always pause everything and think thoroughly why is it happening, is there anything universe is trying to tell you? Try to focus on that "What is the message/lesson for me?"

The moment you realize what is the lesson and learning for you and you detach yourself from that situation, experience, emotions or person, it will stop repeating in your life. Learn to be one with the universe, communicate with the universe and understand the laws of the universe.

The "Law of Free Will", this law allows us to make choices, it allows us to tell the universe what we want to manifest and what we don't want. Universe and the divine beings strictly follows these laws and it is with this law they can help us manifest what we desire. Unless we give permission to them, even if they want to help, they are bounded from the law. You even have to give permission to your own "Higher Self" to do certain thing or ask to guide on a certain matter. This law is so important. Unless you understand this, you wont make better choices in life. So, it's all about our choices that we make and we make it from our free will so no other person or being is responsible for any wrong choices made by us. What you choose is what it brings as consequences in your life.

Many people say I am trying to manifest my desire from a long time, it just doesn't work. They need to understand that it's not just we have to desire, but we have to communicate to the universe wisely that we are open to accept help from it. Sometimes, we do get choices, help, people, opportunities but we don't recognize them at all as we could not identify them. Also, when you ask your angels or guides to help or even to your gurus, tell them clearly that you want them to intervene and guide in a particular situation or issue you look help for. 

And stop using begging words and bargaining with the universe or divine beings such as "Please help me", "If I get this I will do this or that etc." Be confident that whatever is in your highest good will be given to you for sure and if it is not happening then there must be something bigger and better God has for you.

Be open and be in complete faith & surrender when asking wishes as there is always more than enough for each one of us in this universe, we just have to understand the process of it.

Give universe the charge to guide and help you but with no restrictions as there could be chances of getting even better than you are asking for, always give that space to the universe to decide what is best for you.

Apart from all this process, you can always ask for divine guidance that can come to you in numerous ways through people, situations, experiences or miracles never know how you will receive it but be always open.

Another important thing is leave the "how" part onto the Almighty, we are the co-creators and not the creator itself. So, let God and Universe decide it how to do it, let us just release our wish lamp into the universe then forget about it, let universe work behind the scenes and you never know a miracle lands into your lap surprisingly on its own. Detach from the wish (do not over attach to it).

I can tell you from my own personal experience, when God works for you, you get what you haven't even imagined in your outcome, do you know why? Because from my personal experiences I have understood a very important and precious thing which my mom also used to tell me many times - "We can see only till our eyes or imagination can reach but "He (God)" can see from a 360 degree view, so he sees better and from a wider perspective, even beyond what our eyes and thoughts can't even reach".

If you are ready to experience the real bliss, then go with the flow, you will have better experiences on this journey called "Life".

Love, Light, Peace, Gratitude and Lots of Blessing to all!
God's favourite child
The Lord is my ultimate protector and shield, He will never let me down as I am his child indeed!

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