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Twin Flames Vs Soulmates


Who are Twin flames?

How often you have heard about Twin flame relationships? I am sure many of you who’ve started or are growing spiritually must be wondering what exactly a twin flame is and a relationship with a twin flame.

This topic is very eminent among people & the couples/lovers who are awakening spiritually because their souls are now growing spiritually and want to know if the one they are in relationship with is their twin flame or not? This is because earlier these connections were very rarely found but in this Age of Aquarius (December 21, 2020, When Jupiter and Saturn conjuncts and aligns into Aquarius after almost 400 years which will be a “Great Conjunction” & brings huge shifts in our social lives, leaderships, innovation, technology, and revolution, focus on humanitarian issues etc.), these connections are growing in existence.

Going ahead we will also discuss about soulmates and how a soulmate is different from a twin flame, in addition, you will also understand the reasons behind growing homosexual relationships and marriages these days in the entire world.

So, coming back to twin flame relationship let’s understand what it is actually but before I wanted to put forward my views regarding the deep rooted gender specific mentality our society has been following. Whatever, we are discussing here is not to demean or hurt anyone’s beliefs or traditions but this is the reality of this universe and when you explore and learn about it, be open with your mindset, be like an empty cup so, universe can pour the right information into your cup. Don’t be judgmental about the facts discussed and shared here because every soul has their own journey and time of self-realization and experiences of life depending on their karmas and purpose on this earth. So, if you do not understand and resonate with these concepts please ignore and this information may not be valuable for you at this point of time. I have tried my best to research the most authentic information on this concept and put my honest view and knowledge here about twin flame and soulmate meaning and differentiation.

Our souls have two parts (the yin and the yang or Shiva and Shakti or the divine
and the divine feminine).
When we are born our soul splits into two halves i.e. two different soul incarnations comprising of either of these parts, i.e. one part will incarnate with yin energies and the other with yang (now here is another twist to this as it is not necessary the yin incarnates as a female only and yang as a male only). It may be possible that a female is born with the strong divine masculine energies and a male is born with strong divine female traits. This could be related to a girl as a tomboy and a boy with more emotional sensitivity. It may also be possible that both are female or both are male.

Souls have no gender but traits of being feminine or masculine as these two powerful energies cannot be separated and has to become one to complete a soul. Some people may relate when they still long for the other part of their soul which is their twin flame as somewhere despite everything in their lives they still long for their other half of their soul which makes them feel complete in all senses. I can surely relate with this as during my Akashic Intelligence Access when I accessed one of my other lives in recent past years almost during the same era I was born, I saw a full-fledged 25+ years grown spilt soul male incarnation of mine even when I am alive in this lifetime. To make it clearer, I was born in 1980’s and I saw my split soul presence during the early 1990’s in California. I was trying to heal a deep rooted issue from my current life time and I landed into my split soul incarnation, however, I did identify and healed the issue but that was really astonishing and surprising fact for me at that time.

We are not talking here about the life partner as it is not always necessary to have your twin flame as a current lover/life partner or a living human being only. Your twin flame can be in spirit form supporting you from heaven such as a spirit guide, ascended master, starseeds, angels etc. It is quite possible these days with rising spiritual awakening as we are moving ahead with major shifts in the entire world and the need to awaken our spirits, you may have a human twin flame around you as a friend, or life partner/lover or someone you may not even know yet & may meet soon. We see a drastic increase in the number of twin flame romantic relationships these days because somewhere or the other we have to ascend from duality to reality and as we all are shifted to the 5th dimension it is the need of our soul to raise to that level with the rising vibrations of Mother Earth too.

Encountering Your Twin Flame

So how do you know you are meeting or have met your twin flame? First your meeting with your twin flame will not be an ordinary one. There is nothing called as “Coincidence” in this universe, but all these are divinely guided co-existing incidents. You may dream of them often specifically during lucid dreaming or during astral travels, you may start developing a new hobby or passion of interest or when you meet your twin flame, you will be extremely comfortable soon in their company despite all boundaries and guards around you, you both will have intense connection on a same level, you will definitely get more signs to confirm its your twin flame as it is a mirror copy of your soul after all.

Before you meet your twin flame the foreshadow process could start a few years or few months earlier when you may go through major transitions and soul awakening/realizations. You will not only grow as a person but as a soul spiritually too before you meet your twin flame. Your soul knows it and has to get prepared before both of you finally meet.

Twin flame relationship isn’t easy to go with, don’t be judgmental here, what I mean to say is as it is very intense and is your soul replica, your twin flame will resonate and vibrate on the same level as you and both of you will know the ins and outs of each other. You will have same oddity of personality so you both will know the realities of each other’s soul; this is a deep soul work to be done together and not just sharing a romantic based relationship. It’s more than what you even can think of or heard about twin flames. You both will complement each other in terms of strengths & weaknesses. So, both of you will complete each other by fulfilling what is not present in the other.

Another vital sign is your twin flame will have a similar past or situations in life or traumas or upbringing during their childhood as you would have gone through in the past. If you go deeper and notice, your twin flame and you will have major life events and shifts going on in life at the same time & at same age etc. So, technically it’s like looking your own self into the mirror.

Being in a relationship with your mirror self (twin flame) is not easy because they may challenge or point out traits in you or make you feel about yourself as no one ever did. This can be positive too as they make you realize your worth & real self (help you meet your real soul self). They may do things that may sometimes annoy you or make you feel extremely angry about but this is how they will show you the mirror, what you still need to work on and how you have to deal with certain things in life in a better way. When we are not in twin flame relationship, we may not notice or identify things that a twin flame can help you identify. So basically, it’s like facing your own shadow self.

You may also see synchronous angel numbers like 1111 or hear ringing in your ear (Tinnitus) or electrical occurrences or flickering or electricity going off is another sign from your angels that you are with your twin flame. Lot of similarities but still opposites of each other and the differences between you two will actually complete both of you.

You must have often seen couples or people in friendships too that both them are so different but still completes each other like one is a chatter box and another a silence lover & very quiet kind of personality, one is extrovert & other is introvert or one of you may be practical and other intuitive & emotional or one has an eye for detail and other more keen to see the bigger picture of the overall situation but still they gel and complement each other as if they are meant to be together.

Twin flames may also have a lot of fights and sometimes they keep running away from each other, the reason is this isn’t the right time for both of you to be together and if your twin flame has this habit of running away, let them go. Don’t chase them or annoy them as this will be a hindrance in both of yours spiritual growth and journeys. So let go and don’t push things unnecessarily as this may worsen things between both of you.

Common things between twin-flames can be the same level core value & thought
process, you may have the same dedication & drive for your individual goals & life, you both have a bigger and same spiritual purpose to fulfill on this earth and when you work together on it, you may create and bring huge changes in this world. This is why if you see the symbol of yin and yang, one has white color and other black but when joined together they make a beautiful union. The Yin and Yang symbol also depicts the reality of being one with each other in complete harmony despite being opposites of each other. The inseparable truth of light with darkness; There is no darkness without light and vice versa. There has to be that balance and union of both. Even the light and dark also meet during the dawn and the dusk. Everything as a purpose and reason to be existent in this universe and this is how everything works.

This is an intense and immense soul work process through which you have to go through to be able to become one and then merge in the divine light forever.

There may be quite a large age difference in twin flame relationships up to or even more than 10 years this is because our souls do not reincarnate in perfect synchronicity and this is evident by what I experienced during my Akashic Intelligence Access Session about which I shared prior in this article. When I was too young, my split soul was 25+ years already. In fact you may have seen many odd couple marriages in the past recent years where they have an age difference of more than 10 or even 20 years but they still fall in love and unite. However, our society has to understand and accept the truth that it’s a soul who falls in love for the other soul and not a man or woman or physical body. This is evident with the increase in homosexual relationships during past few decades; this is because of the soul awakenings where now people understand that love is not between genders and bodies but between two souls which come together in union.

I mentioned earlier that when you are going to meet your twin flame, you go through rapid spiritual growth and transformations as a person and as a soul in ways you never imagined to see yourselves evolving in this lifetime. Our twin flame also acts as our spiritual growth motivator and as both of you share a higher purpose to bring that big change in the world, you have to go through that transitioning whether you want or not.

Both of you may be working in the same field/business and be connected to similar causes you may be serving. This includes your same spiritual purpose and fulfilling your soul’s true purpose while supporting each other to fulfill that.

Also, it may happen that you both have gone through a major separation/breakup or relationship turmoil before you meet each other as this will let your soul know what your soul longs for and looking in your better half. The increasing twin flame relationships in past decades is a testimony to the awakening of souls and transformations of many during the journey of life as we are moving towards completing life cycles and stepped into the “Golden Age” already. It’s just the ending phase of “Kalyug” which is visible to us, to be a part of the “Golden Age” we have to know ourselves and what on a soul level we all want and have to fix for ourselves, mother earth and the universe. Everything is in sync with the divine will here on this earth and in the heaven too.

How to ensure if someone is NOT your Twin Flame?

If you met someone and there is no interest shown at all from their end, they are definitely not your twin flame. There has to be same level of interest in both of you which will create an irresistible attraction between you both to be with each other.

If they have wronged you in all manner whether infidelity or abuse or had been with you for selfish reasons & taken advantage of your goodness, they are not your twin flame.

If the intensity of emotions, feelings and urge to be together isn’t equal in them as you feel, they are not your twin flame.

Let’s now know about “Soulmates/Karmic Relationships”

Soulmates/Karmic Relationships

To understand Soulmate/karmic Relationships and soul contracts you first must understand and have clarity about “Karma” and how our karmas lead to soulmate and karmic relationships and why we have to be with them? Although I have discussed about this in detail in my upcoming book but to get a glance of it I would request you to read my blog article on Karmic Balance and Karma Story.

Soulmates and Karmic relationships may or may not last for a lifetime depending on your karmas. Often soulmates can be your best friends, your pets or departed pet souls or temporary relationships which teach you good karmic lessons so you do not repeat those mistakes again in your life. This can be financial, love relationship, parent-sibling relationships, friends, or even office people you may come into contact with.

Failed relationships or acute suffering based abusive relationships can also be classified into karmic or soulmate relationships as they teach you great lessons and help you know your worth and identify what exactly your soul wants in this lifetime. But it is equally important to forgive and balance those karmas by releasing those hurts, pains and resentments as these can be a great barrier in your overall and spiritual life growth as a person and a soul.

This is completely different from a twin flame journey or relationship because this is more about your karma cleansing and balancing and twin flame union is more about intense soul work and journey. Soulmates prepare your soul to be ready for a twin flame and that is really important for us to complete the journey to the divine source light.

People often get confused and they don’t even know what they are manifesting in their lives, this is because they keep on running behind wrong relationships in which they never get that completeness their soul is longing for. That is why those relationships may not have a long life and stability too because they are not at all working on their soul but caught in the trap of material fancies which will not bring that contentment to your soul no matter how many lives you spend here on earth.

The terms soulmate, life partner, twin flame are different, people tend to mix them up and misunderstand their meanings and often keep on asking the universe to send a soulmate (the definition of soulmate is not what you find in oxford or any other dictionary), it may be related to soul but it’s not a twin flame.

It’s not necessary your soul speaks romantically to your soulmate. Soulmates from past lives may incarnate in this lifetime too for you to protect you, guide you, support you and love you or fulfill an unfulfilled desire of yours in the past life. They can come in different forms too and not necessarily as a lover. They can support on your spiritual path to teach and guide you through this journey. They can be a life partner too but not necessarily always.

I hope this article helped you differentiate and understand the difference between a TWIN FLAME & a SOUL MATE/KARMIC RELATIONSHIPS. Thanks for being a part of my spiritual journey!

I wish you all to have a wonderful spiritual journey ahead!

Love, Light, Peace, Happiness, lot of Gratitude and Divine Blessings to all!

Sakshi Vaashiisht

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