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Healing Pets

In my last article, Do Animals Need Healing? Yes, Indeed! We discussed the emerging concept of animal healing and why it is sometimes important to heal pets.

This article sheds light on pets from an energy being's point of view and the energy system of pets. So, do animals also have auras and chakras? Yes, they do have Don't be surprised as this is what we are going to discuss in this article.

To understand more about aura and chakras, you may visit my previous articles, Our Existence beyond the Physical Body and Chakra – The Energy Vortexes as they work almost the same as human aura and chakras in animals too. So, coming back to the point of discussion about our beloved pets, like we humans have an electromagnetic field around us, animals also have this field around them, and it is this field that is highly sensitive for animals, as, like babies, they can sense your intentions and feelings instantly and react to them.

It is necessary that we, as we keep ourselves protected and healed, also keep our pets healthy and protected energetically, apart from the medical care they need. So, for those who have lazy pets or aggressive ones, or pets prone to health issues or behavioral issues, they can also seek help from energy healing methods or alternative healing methods for their pets apart from the regular veterinary help they seek, as no matter how many tests they get done for the pets, reports would keep showing normal, but still, if there is no change in your pet’s mood or behavior then you need to seek answers for the same.

It may be possible, your pet is trying to communicate something to you, or maybe you both aren’t able to understand and synchronize with the commands, language, or words used to communicate with each other.

When a puppy or kitten comes home, it’s an entirely different experience for them. They are babies (separated from their mothers after birth) and they are trying to relate to and connect with this world through us. Their very first experience is with us, in our home. They seek us as parents or guardians and our home as their own home. So, when you are planning to keep a pet, make sure you know you are ready for this responsibility, as this is not fun. It is a cosmic connection and healing for both the owner and the pet, sent by the universe due to a need for support, which may be emotional, mental, karmic, or soul-level support. The reasons can be enormous, as when working with pets on a deeper or soul level, we can even get to know these things.

It’s been 18 years of experience with different breeds I personally took care of and the most notorious one is now with us, so altogether 19 and a half years of experience dealing with babies who can only express themselves and not speak and remain, babies, all their life!!!

Sometimes your pet’s behavior and habits are strongly influenced by the breed they belong to, so be careful with which breed you are choosing for your family. Also, it is recommended to get your pet trained within 6 months of their birth and adoption as this is when their mind and consciousness are in the process of development, so what they observe and learn in this age group will be followed by them for life. The trainable age, however, for a few breeds could range from 6 months to two years, like Labradors. Few pets come with inherited habits and training like Labradors, so all you need is patience and determination to help them learn, get trained, and get habituated to following your commands. Dogs like Labradors and a few others, they have to go through formal dog training as they can sometimes be mischievous and greedy too. But smaller breeds like Pomeranians, Pugs, Spitz, Lhasa apso, etc. Self-training by the owner can also be enough in which you can set their walk and pee times, and help them understand good and bad habits through keywords or specific expressions, as they are more of a family dog breed and they don’t require much formal training.

Healing animals is easier as they are more receptive and non-judgmental, unlike human nature, healing works great with them.

Coming back to our discussion on their energy body here is the Chakra system of dogs or cats:

Chakra System of Dogs

The Dogs have 8 Major/Primary Chakras:

7th Crown Chakra
6th Brow/Third Eye Chakra
5th Throat Chakra
4th Upper Heart Chakra
4th Heart Chakra
3rd Solar Plexus Chakra
2nd Sacral Chakra
1st Root Chakra

There is an 8th chakra known as the Brachial Chakra, which serves as a recharging point (Major Chakra) for animal and human communication. To begin the healing process, one must first open this vital chakra, which is situated between the shoulders on the back. All other chakras in the animal body are linked to this chakra, making it crucial.

Symptoms of a blocked or imbalanced Brachial Chakra include a pet's aversion to human contact, a lack of trust in the owner and others, and a strained relationship with the pet's family members.

21 Minor or Secondary Chakras:

8th Nose Chakra
8th Upper Nose Chakra (primary sensory)
9th Ear or Bud Chakras (under the ear flaps)
10th Paw Chakras (Bud Chakras)
11th Tail Chakra

The Chakra system of Cats

Cats have eight major chakras, with the remaining minor chakras located beneath the ear flaps, paws, and tail.

In the same way, other animals have the same chakra classifications and can be healed at these energy centers.

The Colors, Meanings, Symptoms, and Functions of each animal chakra are shown below:

Chakras Names
Signs of Imbalance
Body Areas Governed
(Primary or  ‘Major’ chakra)
Between the shoulders (on a horse, just below where the shoulder meets the neck)
Links all other Major chakras, Center for animal-human communication & bonding, the first place to start healing with
Reluctance to touch (other medical reasons: Arthritis, Inflamed skin, etc.), Refusal to connect or bond.
Chest, Neck, Forelimbs, Head
Black Tourmaline in case of reluctant behavior), Herkimer Diamond, Clear Quartz 
Top of the head, between the ears (at the ‘poll’ on a horse)
Connects to the spirit
Depression, withdrawn behavior
Brain, Pituitary Gland, Skin, Spine, Central and Nervous system, the craniosacral system
Clear Quartz, Azeztulite, Tanzanite, and Diamond
Third Eye (Brow)
Centre of forehead
Acceptance of self
Headaches, bad eyes, distant/distracted
Head in general, Pineal Gland, Natural Body Rhythms, Higher Mental Self
Lapis Lazuli, Fluorite Amethyst, Charoite
On the physical throat (over vocal cords)
Uncommunicative or excessively noisy, doesn’t listen to commands (training issues)
Throat, Mouth, Teeth, Jaws (often caused by Root-based fear, animals who chew excessively can often benefit from having energy balanced here)
Blue Quartz, Blue Lace Agate, Blue Topaz
Front of the chest to behind the forelegs
Herd hierarchy (relationships)
Sad (recent emotional grief/ separation/loss), overly possessive, unwilling to interact with other animals, jealous, nervous around other animals for an unknown reason
Heart, Lungs, Immune System, Thymus Gland
Rose Quartz, Emerald, Pink Tourmaline, Jade
Solar Plexus
Middle of the Back
Personal Power/Sense of Self
Dejected, Withdrawn, Aggressive, Dominating, No Enthusiasm
Digestive Tract, Stomach, Liver
Citrine, Tiger Eye, Amber, Topaz
Sacral (Spleen)
Lower Lumber Area, between tail and middle of the back
Sexuality, and emotion (emotional loss of an animal partner, home, offspring, etc., can often be stored here). A good place to work when an animal is in shock whilst waiting for, or consulting a vet
Over Emotional: Excessive Whining for no obvious reason (excludes medical reasons), Boundary issue i.e., for a dog/horse: difficulty establishing the difference between work (training) time and playtime
Kidneys, Adrenal Glands, Reproductive System, Lymphatic System
Carnelian, Coral, Orange Calcite
Where the tail meets the body (hindquarters)
Survival, Grounding
Excessively Fearful/Strong Flight Reaction, Greedy, Sluggish, Underweight, Restless
Intestines, Gut, Hips, Hind Legs, Muscular Skeletal System as a whole
Hematite, Garnet, Red Jasper, Unakite

Courtesy – Internet:
So, the above chart depicts the behavioral patterns your pet may be showing, and now you can easily figure out the causes of the same. Before concluding this article, let us not forget that the use of alternative therapies and healing is not a replacement for medical treatments, but an additional help that can surely assist in maintaining your pet’s optimum health physically, mentally, emotionally, and ethereally on a spiritual ascension level too, as they also have to clear their karma in some form.

There are, however, different ways to heal your pet, such as Usui/Animal Reiki, Lama Fera (which I have personally used for my own pet), Angel Healing, Crystal Therapies, Bach Flower Remedies, and Sound Healing, etc. But what matters is intention and faith, along with patience, as animals respond quickly, but in chronic cases, it may take time to show positive changes on a higher scale. But this does not mean healing isn’t working; it always works but it depends on the case and the level of energies and blockages that are getting diluted and released.

I hope this article will help pet lovers and owners as a source of important information for their animal companions.

Love, Light, Peace, Gratitude, and Blessings to all (including our pets)!

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