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New in 'Alternative Healing' Modalities? Then before starting healing, Never overlook or miss these 'Precautions'

 Are you a newbie in Reiki, Pranic Healing, Angel Healing or any other Healing Modality? Then you must read this article, this will help and guide you to keep important points in mind before you actually start your practice with self and others (clients or family or may be friends).

During my practices and also ever since I have been a part of alternate healing and therapies, I have noticed that many emerging healers though they are good at healing and been in this modality from a while now, are missing on important things and which is costing their own health or their loved ones are affected energetically. The reason is either they get drained out or after healing a client their own health and energies are affected too, this is because many of the newbies are not shielding themselves properly before starting the healing practices or doing it for free.

In many Reiki Workshops also, and with many other Reiki Teachers (with all due respect), I personally observed that they are attuning the people but few of them whom I came across do not guide their students properly regarding the dos and don’ts while they practice Reiki or any healing modality. These are the basic and most important points they must tell their students before encouraging them to start practicing.

I personally felt a need to share this with all my newbie Healer Friends so whenever they start their own practice, they stay safe and protected.

So, here are the important things to remember before you jump into your Healing Practice:

  • Don’t be too shy to ask for the Energy Exchange (charges) as it will ultimately cost your and your client’s energies to drain if as per the “Law of Give and Receive” you do not balance this energy exchange. If you are becoming a channel to help them, you must ask what you feel is reasonable for them and holds value for the work you do to help them. Nothing is free in this world and free is never valued too. Be Assertive!
  • Make sure the space where you are going to heal the client/family/friend is cleansed and shielded to avoid any trespassing of negative energies which you or your client may absorb.
  • Before you start the healing, shield the client and your own self with the Divine rays/light you work with either the White/Golden Light or if you work with Angels then call the Angels and your masters to surround both of you, the space and mention your intention to stay protected by not allowing any evil energies to enter the space. Shield the client and yourself with the Angelic Rays around both of you. You may also use Protection herbs and crystals around too.
  • If you are running your healing center or work from home then keep away your pets during the healing session as pets are too sensitive to absorb negativity released during such sessions and it may adversely affect their health too. So, while you are healing self or your client, avoid allowing your pet in that space for that particular time frame. Be Careful!
  • Once you are done with the healing, ground the energies of your client and yours too. Seal and shield your and the client’s aura with the divine light or shielding symbols to keep yourself and the client safe and protected & stay unaffected from negative energies.
  • Do not forget to cut the cords with your client after the healing.
  • Thank the client for accepting the healing and pay your gratitude to the masters and the energies too for all guidance during the healing.
  • Once the Client leaves, do not forget to cleanse and shield the space where you have performed the healing. If you have used any crystals or tools to heal, cleanse them too.
  • Cleanse yourself and shield yourself again at the end to keep your vibrations high and stay healthy and protected.

Note: You will be protected in the way you set your intentions and affirmations so always choose positive affirmations to stay protected rather than using negative affirmations which will attract negativity only.

Remember, becoming a Healer is not everyone’s cup of tea so, if you are a chosen one then always take precautions before stepping into this modality to learn the dos and don’ts too.

To avoid karmic effects on yourself, make sure you research well on the laws of the universe there are more than 25 laws but when you are healing always intent to mention the Law of Grace (when you work with Angels of Grace or when you heal in emergencies or really want to help the client in misery) or if you do not know the exact law then mention by saying as per the law and for the highest good of my client (name of the client), I am doing this healing.

Avoid too much attachment to the issue you are healing for and with the client too, this will help you a lot in guarding against getting their karma on you and guard you from energy drains too. After healing do not think too much about the results or the client to avoid any energy drains. Depending on the energies your client may be holding, healing may take some time so give your best and do not fall victim to over attachments. But taking follow up or asking the client to keep you informed about the positive changes and observation is not to be missed.

Caution: Before indulging into a Karmic Healing, always ask your Higher Self and Intuition to take the decision to proceed or not to proceed as in some cases the client has to go through certain karmic cleanse for their own self-realization and release of the karmas, so if you are proceeding with it then be fearless, doubtless and remember to mention ‘as per the law & for client’s highest good’ so, maximum whatever can be done to ease the misery, universe will help accordingly keeping the lawful boundaries and you safe from their karma.

Working with Angels? You still need to keep certain points in mind as you have now become an open source to the Spirit World. Learn during your connections with Angels to get messages or codes or signs you can trust and recognize to ensure you are genuinely connecting to your Angels and not fake spirits around to misguide you. When you are with Angels they will always make you feel loved, safe and protected (that’s a tip to recognize the genuine Angels around). As you go on with your practices, gradually you will certainly start recognizing each Angel and their energies around you to be sure they are around genuinely.

Believe me handling these universal energies is not easy but if you have chosen this path then practice proper precautions to enjoy this Spiritual Ascension and journey to be a Channel of Universal Energies to genuinely guide and heal people by practicing self-healing and protection techniques too because as health & safety matters for your clients, it matters for you too.

Dedicated to all my Healers and Therapist Friends and specially the newbies in Holistic Healing!

Have a Wonderful Ascension and Journey ahead! Remember we all are one!

Love, Light, Peace, Gratitude and Lots of Blessing to all!

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