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Do Animals Need Healing? Yes, Indeed!

Surprised to read this? Then you may be new to the concept of Animal Healing. This article will help you understand this concept well.

There are many other countries in which Animal Healing is practiced and accepted by their medical councils for veterinary, however, it is now getting accepted and practiced all over the world.

With increasing awareness in Spirituality the need for healing is not just restricted to humans or nature, Animals need it too. They are too sensitive to energies and they are themselves born healers. Have you been feeling depressed or just not good and the moment your cuddly friend steps in and you just hug it, and cuddle for a while, you actually feel better and forget about any sigh or pain or distress that had upset you. Their Unconditional Love will make you fall in love with them for sure!

Yes, Animals especially your pets have inbuilt healing abilities as they are more in alignment with the universal energies. But, as they can heal us, sometimes they are prone to absorb energies around them or some pets carry previous life’s energies with them which can change their behavior patterns or have an adverse effect on their own health too.

Few pets also carry the energies from their mother’s womb too, so as an Animal Healing Practitioner, there are many things and possibilities we have to keep in mind before diving into with healing them. My pet carried little energy from his past life and some from his mother’s womb, so when I healed my own pet I had to release those energies of fear and insecurity he was suffering from. Also, I was able to know the reasons for a few other behavior patterns he showed up before healing. Believe me! With God’s grace and continuous efforts & healing with patience, there are lots of positive changes in his behavior now.

Like we have souls, they have too and it is good to always communicate with your pet on a soul, level to dive deep into the core of the issue be it health, behavior or something else. The healing should always be from the root level, else there is no use of putting efforts as it will keep popping up again unless eradicated from the root level.

Why Healing Your Pet is sometimes important?

Some Animals are too sensitive and tend to easily absorb energies of home and people around them. They communicate and sense more from their heart so always be careful, what thoughts or energies you are sending to your pets as they will certainly pick them and react accordingly.

Sometimes in addition to veterinary and medical help, they need elemental help too.

They feel depressed and lonely too if family members are not spending enough time with them and if they are not dealt with utmost care and unconditional love.

They need extra care and to keep them healthy and joyful Energy Healing brings the opportunity to ease this process.

Love is the only medicine which can help them understand you care, so never miss on that.

Energy Healing for pets can really prove a helping hand for the Pet Owners and the Veterinary Practitioners too.  The recent case I handled in which one of my known’s pet was suffering from fever from past one month, she had got him checked from a Veterinary college cum hospital for animals, and however, they were still unable to diagnose the cause for the fever.

So, when I came across this case, I was able to see the beyond medical boundaries the possible causes that pet may be going through due to the experience and connection with animals I personally have, so I suggested the owner to get all tests done again from other veterinary including the blood test to get the platelets levels and ensure there is no medical issue along with this suggested few precautions for his diet and other things I came across during the probing.

When the tests came we were able to find the real cause now which was Viral and a little bit of liver infection.  This correct diagnosis helped the owner to recognize the real cause and now he is being treated correctly.

So, sometimes because they are animals, many owners or people are unable to reach the real cause of the sickness as they are not aware of few things they might be missing on or not aware of or maybe doing unintentionally or in lack of knowledge too and by the time they get to know it is already too late.

Pets are somewhat like human babies, they cannot speak, but they can sense and make you feel through their behavior and expressions. So always be attentive and observant and if you sense there is a change, don’t hesitate to visit their Vets and if required do contact your Animal Healer for issues beyond medical science and where you feel you need to communicate to your pet on another level to understand them better.

Pets are the most responsive ones to Energy Healing as they know and can sense the universal vibrations of Healing and Love.

In my next article, I will discuss Pets in detail from Energy point of view so don’t miss my next article on just Pets and How to heal them?

Love, Light, Peace, Gratitude and Blessing to all including our best friends our Pets!

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