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A Loving Hand of Adoption to Indian Pariah (Street) Dogs

Today I am going to talk about the Indian Dogs (the local breed/Pariah breed) we find all around us. I am writing this because I felt guided and also wanted to bring some positive traits of these dogs along with some tips when as a pet/animal lover you decide to bring these beings home and adopt them as your beloved family member.

I am myself an owner of an Indian breed dog, I will surely share today my story and experience with this breed as it was the very first experience adopting and raising it as I had only raised a Spitz and a Labrador earlier.

We had been with dogs since 23 years now and how my Indian breed came to home is another miracle story from the divine. My family and I were dealing with strange loneliness and depression after we lost our Labrador pet due to medical negligence by one of the government veterinarian hospital’s staff. We changed the vet, but by that time his liver and kidney got damaged due to wrong medication and unexpectedly he left us too early at a young age of 6 years. He died in my arms and this strange loneliness and depression continued more than a year.

It felt like an important soul and a person is missing from our family all of sudden and it felt like wishing to have had got some more time with our beloved pet. It was heart-wrenching as he was very close to my sister and we all tried to support each other but there was a strange emptiness all around us which was affecting our family a lot.

I came home late one night from work, got fresh and sat sadly to watch television for some time before going to sleep. Suddenly I heard a puppy whining. I checked outside the window, I saw nothing, suddenly I realized the whining sound was coming from my room. I switched on the light and found a cute little Indian breed dog which my sister got home from one of her NGO friends.
I was so happy and got overwhelmed when I picked him up and hugged him. That was the best gift ever I got. It felt like this is what was missing in our home and my life. To be honest my life and home is incomplete without these beautiful animals (dogs).

However, raising this cute kid was a little challenging initially for us as we never dealt with an Indian breed and to mention all dogs or pets come to our home with a special purpose (majorly spiritually aligned; either they bring healing to us or they need from us). Whenever he growled he used to literally say “Maa” (calling out to his mother). I deeply felt he is looking for motherly affection. This was not only shocking but miraculous too as I never heard a dog growling & calling out “Maa”.
Being a healer I strongly felt it has a message from the divine to me to look deeper into it.

These breeds are best security dogs and loving beings too but we have to understand their breed and genes to understand them and deal with them efficiently and intelligently too. How and why let me tell you ahead.

The initial challenges (not really the challenges for me individually, it was more of an opportunity to understand him from spiritual context) which were coming to my understanding was first he had some soul level issues that required immediate healing, his behavioral traits were pointing towards him unable to understand us as a family, unable to communicate and build that compassion towards us which other breeds easily accept, so acceptance was a big thing for this little baby here as he spent a few days in someone else’s home and later came to us after 40 days.

He was looking my mom as his own mother and was expecting her to give him that cuddle and love he was longing for. The pain of separation was clearly visible, but not from his mother in this life, it was way beyond I could think as a pet owner and I could sense & feel a deep pain in his growling and urge to make us understand what the problem was. He also had some inbuilt behavioral traits I could sense coming from this life’s mother’s womb he had experienced.

I am sharing my personal experience and not every dog would have the same situations, some have completely smooth life, some go through difficulties depending upon their karmas, spiritual contracts and vows with our souls before we even come to this life. I know some people they never had these challenges and even with few stray dogs I feed; they have altogether different life patterns.

They are called stray/street dogs because no one had accepted them as a part of their families. This is also one of the reasons I am writing this article to bring this to everyone’s consciousness that why not accept them first, give them equal respect and acceptance, family, love, and care. The more volunteers would come forward to adopt and accept them, lesser you will see them struggling on the roads and streets. They are equally cute, loving beings, all you need to look beyond the veils of separation and illusions.

Dogs can be understood on soul level only; you cannot just give them a tag of being a “Dog” (an animal). They are much more spiritual and full of unconditional love than we humans are. They are babies forever. They equally feel emotions like us humans.

The initial months with my Indian breed pet were slight challenging to understand the root cause of his behavior, he tried to tell us something but he didn’t know how to so he used to bite us, he also had weak bladder issues, so he used to pee multiple times a day. He used to growl or bark when he wanted us to tell us something. Although bladder issues we got cured with medicine and healing combined, however, he still had some emotional issues.

One day I got really upset and decided to go deeper into this problem and find out what was the cause, we are big-time dog lovers, no dog ever bite us or can bite us we knew all techniques to train and handle them but he used to repeat this pattern with me and my family for no reason even if he didn’t want to pee or go out.

I decided to contact an animal healer (contacted a few as that time I was not much into Animal Healing). Few animal healers asked me to share his picture and said they will send healings (but it showed minimal results, it actually worsened the problem as deep down I had a faith in healing and I felt he wanted me to know what he was trying to share the divine messages with me and was more interested in getting healed by me only); one of the healers gave me a set of few crystals to make an elixir and give that water to him. I tried different reiki techniques and charged the water to feed him; it did show some results but not 100%.

I prayed to God and Angels to guide me to the right healer or animal communicator as deep down I had some questions for which I wanted answers. I contacted one of the Chennai based Animal-Communicator at that time, she helped me get answers to many of my questions among them was an overwhelming answer to one of my questions if this pet has any connections to my previous dog who passed away.

You will be surprised to know he has, my current dog and the previous dog is soul friends. The reason he came to us was to push us for things and from things that were not serving us anymore and we also had to practice a lot of forgiveness for the issues going in our family at that time and leave old patterns and move on, this was true because when the communicator, my dog’s soul and I connected during a communication session he revealed many things only I and my family knew.

He also gave me some tasks to complete or work on myself on certain things with my family and promised he will cooperate and stop biting if we listen to this divine message and worked on them.

Believe me, ever since we completed those tasks or worked on those areas of our lives, things changed drastically and became very positive with God’s grace. He did take birth as a local breed but his soul had a greater mission for all of us and the most loving thing is he is being sent by my previous dog’s soul as he used to stay very calm and could not help us for the purpose he wanted to convey to us during his life span. This message was really comforting for me as my sister and I used to miss him a lot and ever since he left us, there was a strange emptiness in our hearts, lives and home too.

I then further decided to learn Animal Healing and started healing my dog. The issues revealed during these healings were astonishing, I regularly connected with his soul, and it was revealed to me that some of the issues were rooted in his mother’s womb and past life too. The pain he was expressing of separation from his mother was from his past life, where I got this vision of him as a five-year-old boy who lost his life accidentally while on a swing swirling too fast in circular motions. In that life was also he was too mischievous and didn’t listen to his mother and while doing such mischief he lost his life. He got an injury at his forehead and died in the trauma of getting separated from his mother. That cord had to be cut.

I healed the issues he had from his past lives and helped him release cords, emotions, pain, grief, and energies which were not serving him anymore.

I gradually started telling him verbally during the animal communication sessions that he is now a part of our family, we love him, we need him, he is safe and he is accepted. I also told him to accept this life as a dog and fulfill his karma. His soul asked me why he became a dog that I also answered to him as I was in continuous communication with his angels and guides.

While raising him, I saw a tremendous improvement in spiritual growth for my family and myself. He had been a great mental, emotional and spiritual support for me specifically. Because of him, I could learn many new techniques to heal and understand pets on a deeper level. His soul gave me this opportunity to work for the animal kingdom/species and connect with the animal spirits in a better way and understand their reasons & meanings of the messages they use to bring to me from time to time.

I will always be grateful to his soul for coming into my life and in my family.

The Advantageous Traits of Indian (Pariah) Breed Dogs:

Mentally Super-duper Alert – They are very alert and will never miss on a single and the lowest of the sounds.
Dutiful and Loyal – Very loyal beings, all they need your love, attention, care, and acceptance. Their loyalty and love are unconditional, even if you won’t have money and home, they will stay beside you till their last breath.
Intelligent Beings – They are equally intelligent as other breeds and understand all that you speak from the heart to them.
Physical Fitness – Cute little babies forever but have long-term vitality.
Brilliant Watch Dogs – They are very good as watchkeepers, they will never ever let any suspicious person cross your gate.
Homely and Friendly – They are not fierce like some of the breeds we have such as Pitbull, Doberman, and Rottweiler, etc. They are quite friendly if dealt with love.

Opportunities to work with Indian Breed Dogs/Behaviors to fix:

Ownership Issues – Initially they might have ownership issues. You have to make them feel they are loved and you are their family now. Build a relationship with them so they can understand you are a family to them. Treat them as you would treat other family members.
Hyper-activeness – These breeds can be sometimes hyperactive, you may heal them through “Bach Flower Remedy” (best Bach remedy medicine for this is “Vervain” which helped us a lot in bringing our dog’s hyperactivity syndrome in control in addition to other combinations with Animal Reiki, Lama Fera, and Angel Healing I personally used due to his personal issues he went through in past life as well as while being with us), however, you must consult an Animal Healer with Bach Flower Remedy expertise to know the appropriate dosage for the same. [Note: The healing techniques I used were on different patterns and at different times as per divine guidance and not all at once, also, we need to give some time to get the issues healed, too much healing is not at all good, pets will accept only what they can handle; moreover, healing takes its own time, it’s not a one moment magick]
Lots of Love – They need lots of unconditional love and care. Each member must spend some time with them (this is equally practiced with other breeds too) and playtime improves the relationship with them and keeps them happy.
Understand Their Background – They are habitual of doing certain things, for which their breeding and genes are responsible, so, try to focus on the cause and heal the root cause as much as you can. Like, I have observed this habit in almost all street dogs whenever you pour water from a bottle in a bowl to serve them, they will try to drink from the flowing stream like drinking from a tap.
Survival Issues & Food Insecurity – They had seen and felt from within the womb itself, their mums living in fear and fighting for everyday survival, so, they have a fear of survival or getting their food snatched by someone else. So, when you serve them food never infuse fearing statements like someone else will eat it, do not name the person like my mother used to tell our maid’s name and ask him to finish food and if he won’t eat it, she would come and eat so every time she comes home for household work, he gets insecure about his food and barks at her. Give them space to eat it as per their own will, sometimes they may not like you to come near their food. Survival issues can only be healed with time and the amount of love and care you give to them to help them understand they have a family now to care for them.
Minimal Training Required – They have some inbuilt qualities and intelligence, they need minimal training and make sure you accompany them during their training with the dog trainer, we were unaware initially about certain things and we never accompanied him. Later we had to stop the training as he used to obey the trainer only and not us. I then consulted one of the best dog trainers of Rashtrapati Bhawan Security Dog Training Team and found that a professional trainer will always ask the owner to accompany so during the training owner and dog both learn how to train and deal with them. The later would know that it has to obey the owner and not just the trainer. The best training starts at home only and then outside. We then retrained him on our own to resolve this issue and it did help. Do teach them basic etiquette and do’s and don’ts as per your family routine.
Aggression – While they grow adult, their urge of breeding may lead to slight aggression, here sterilization may help but before you go for a major operation, do consult your vet. Like humans they also need a companion, so, depending upon your time and effort they may get a loved one too. There can be other reasons for aggression too such as not giving them enough love, care, time and attention. They may be feeling lonely and as you play with them, it will help them stay grounded and will reduce their aggression and hyper-activity too. At least 30-45 mins of playtime must be devoted to them on alternative days or in every 2-3 days. If they are feeling lazy, don’t force them much but see to it this is not their routine.

Be very patient with these little cuddliest ones as few of them may take time to understand their life’s journey and only patience, faith, love can heal them. Your dedication is equally required.

Respect their freewill, build a heart to heart connection with them so not only they understand you well but you are also able to understand them appropriately. Talk to them often as you would do with your kids, they will certainly respond to you. They talk to us through our mental body/thoughts-intentions and vibrations of love we send to them.

Sometimes people ask me why dogs bark at certain people and are too cuddly with others? The only way to deal with this problem is not to fear or hate them but only love them. As I mentioned earlier also animals and especially dogs sense our vibrations of love, fear and hatred towards them and even before we take any action they will sense our intentions towards them and this vibration amplifies through them and they respond accordingly. If you fear or hate them they will certainly bark at you fiercely as they are also in fear you may hurt them in fear or hatred. If you love them they will never hurt you intentionally.

I feed to 6+ stray dogs often and not a single one would ever bark at me or harm me. But I see them barking at a few people who do not like them or fear them. In fact, when I ask them not to bark or go away they understand they must not do it & stop it and go away. People feel surprised how they understand me and obey me. The only key to every heart whether of a human or an animal is “Unconditional Love”.

I have seen my dog’s journey from being a whining puppy to a happy and well-mannered adult dog now. During these years as we supported him in his life’s journey equally, he supported us and especially me. He holds a very special place in my life because of him I could learn so much and now able to heal other stray dogs and pets of my friends and clients too.

One thing I have learned from the animal kingdom is they believe in the power of nature, they have inbuilt unconditional power of seeing beyond all Earthly illusions and they teach us a lot about oneness (we all are connected, we all are one, we all are love, one love), being one with the divine and of course loving and caring unconditionally.

Give them love and they will always love you back be it any breed. But Indian breed needs more attention and care because they are already suffering, offer them a handful of love, care, food, acceptance, and respect and see how miraculously they respond you back with their love and loyalty towards you.

Imagine if you are a dog or the animal in one of your life and a bunch of people is eating and you are seeing them from a distance hoping them to understand and feed you and show you some love, grace, and respect, however, they don’t, rather they scold you or hit you to send you away with upsetting and harsh tone, emotions and words. How would you feel? Today you are blessed with human life, but who knows who and what you will be in next life, depending upon your karmas and soul contracts.

Before I conclude this article I want to bring a vital concern here as an animal & pet lover, if you hate animals or fear them, at least don’t hurt them. I had seen in the past people adopt or get dogs or other pets for show or just for the sake and later either they don’t know how to handle them or care and abandon them leaving them in more stressful and traumatic state or harm them physically, emotionally and mentally.

Please do not do this to these pure souls; you will not only hurt them but also earn bad karmas for hurting them. Pets are not just for show, they are a big responsibility as we have towards our elders, each other and kids. If you can’t even love them, at least volunteer to give the shelter, water and food, God made us humans we are more blessed of being able to earn and cook for ourselves but these souls cannot.

They are dependent on us; it is our social responsibility towards them as well as towards Mother Nature. We can not only keep receiving from the universe, but we must also give the universe back with some good karmas and taking responsibilities of such lovely beings. They are harmless unless we have the intent to harm them.

The only difference between us humans and these animals is the human body and the animal body. We are not just separated by these physical forms, we all are connected and are souls from the one divine light governing the whole cosmos. Being an animal is not a curse, we equally need them, it does not make them bad, and they are equally contributing to the survival of Mother Nature.

I am mentioning all these facts here because it is evident from past life regressions of many of my knowns where they either saw themselves incarnated as an animal or their current beloved pet incarnated as their blood relative in past life. Souls are souls and they can come to us in any form to support us or get our support.

Don’t forget dogs are also considered sacred and connected to Lord Kaal Bhairav/Bhairav. Respect all species they deserve it.

Live in Compassion and mercy for not only self and humanity but for every being and creature on this earth. Even in anxiety or fear if they bark at you or try to bite, show them you care & love and they will certainly change their attitude towards you, I can assure that.

It is high time that we give the animals’ equality, respect, and compassion remember if you can’t understand the emotions and needs of these innocent and speechless beings, you will never be able to even understand human emotions.

Hoping and praying to God and Angels to bring more compassion in all of our hearts and souls towards self, other humans and all being & species on Mother Earth.

Remember we all are one; we are love; one love. Whatever we think and do will amplify back to us with the Law of Three!
Love, Light, Peace, Gratitude and Lots of Blessing to All!!!
Should you need any assistance with animal communication and healing ever, you may always contact me.

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