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Nature - The Mother of All

The word Nature is as subtle as a soft feather and as powerful as a mountain rock. When we think about Nature from a human perspective, it is only a free source of natural resources the Creator provided for all of us to survive on this Earth.

As an individual, what Nature is to me, may differ from others. However, as a collective humanity, we must remember that Nature is not just a free pool of resources for all of us, but beyond all aspects and imagination to humans.

As a human, for me, Nature is the mother of all living beings/souls on this planet called Earth. The soil we feel, the water we drink, and the scenic beauties mesmerizing us till eternity are all the outer beauty of mother nature. The green lushes in a dense forest, the sound of the chirping birds, and the roaring of the wild tiger in a jungle are Nature.

However, Mother Nature is more than what we see, feel, think, and understand on a human level. The word Nature is very similar to Nurture, which Mother Nature/Earth does for all of us. She feeds us the food we eat to be able to live and provides us with sources of water, land, and beauty, so we can live as comfortably as we can on Earth. She is unconditionally generous enough to provide everything we need to survive on this planet.

This unconditional generosity of Mother Nature helped me see beyond the veils of human perspective and understand she is more than what we all see and feel about her. When I see her soul as another soul, deep down, she is a true soul of the cosmic Mother (Shakti, the divine feminine) who nurtures all of us as her children. She never differentiates or biases her opinions or resources based on our casts, creeds, religions, or races. Her unconditional love, care, and resources are available equally to us around the clock.

I can feel her heartbeat when meditating and grounding myself, trying to connect with her subtle energies. Her love and energies are immensely healing that can heal us for anything we need to heal. Since childhood, I could feel her subtle vibrations and love with and around me. Whenever I felt overwhelmed with work or human issues, I took refuge in her. Believe me! that helped me profoundly heal physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Mother Nature is as deep as the deep blue ocean to me and as dense as a gigantic, enchanted forest. Connect with her often to feel her presence, vibration, beauty, and silence. The vast ocean of mystical Mother Nature will open a box full of magical and divine experiences for you. Harmonize with the elements of Nature, viz. Air, Water, Fire, Earth, and the Spirit of all. When you are in harmony with these five elements, you are rooted as deep as the center of the Earth, which allows you to stay calm, composed, and balanced physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. It helps you become a wise human with a higher vibrational intellect, knowledge, wisdom, and compassion toward yourself and others. You will love yourself more than you would love your family, friends, or everything and everyone around you.

Mother Nature teaches us to be actual human who is wise than all other species on this planet because we are more prudent than all other species, and not forget her uttermost teachings of oneness—We all are connected; we all are one. 

Every one of us in this Web of Life is interconnected. Therefore, every thought we think and every action we take affects us together like a mesh of connected lives, which will come back to us multiplied as a boomerang.

The recent pandemic was just a reminder to all of us about the teaching of oneness and being in harmony with Mother Nature and why it is so important.

Even our Vedas and scriptures have mentioned her as a soul of a living planet because it can birth life on this planet in all forms we see around us, whether trees, soil, stream of water, animals, birds, or humans. Let us be more responsible toward Mother Nature and ensure we do not exploit her love, kindness, and generosity. If Mother Nature is alive, we are alive. So, let us love her and live with more responsibility and gratitude for what we have and will continue to have as humans, which no other species can have or be on this planet.

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