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7 Prayer Lingo Changes Which Help You Manifest Better

When I first connected to the Angels of Abundance, I was unsure what they would teach me. I expected it to give me insights on how to earn or save more (as commonly the 3D frequency people would think when they read the word abundance). Hahaha! However, now that I have spiritually ascended to higher dimensional frequencies, I find it funny. 

They taught me about money as an energy, how to respect it, cherish it, and how to live each moment in gratitude (being grateful). They taught me the basis of connecting with money as an energy, which usually nobody coaches us about in our society. Typically we perceive money as only a piece of paper currency that can buy us all the material comforts. However, it is much more than we in a 3rd Dimensional reality can think.

The best thing the Angels of Abundance taught me was to avoid being restrictive while sending our wishes or desires to heaven. It expanded my consciousness, and I learned a new phrase that I started adding at the end of all my manifestation requests, this or better.

The day I changed my prayer lingos for prosperity and other manifestation requests and added this or better (Letting the Universe decide what is in my highest and greatest good), there was a tremendous change in the outcome compared to what I asked.

The most important thing we must remember and understand here is that we may ask for things that seem favorable to us, but the Universe may have better plans instead. There is always more than enough for every human, animal, other species, and everyone else in this Cosmos. We must understand how the Universe works and that we all have 100% right to manifest what we desire without causing harm to others. 

In my previous article, Karmic Balance (Balancing your Karmas), I mentioned the Universal Law of Three. The Law of Three keeps a count of all our karmas (deeds). We must remember this law while intending and taking actions that may impact us and others in the present and the long run. 

After all, we connect to the Web of Life. What we do for ourselves creates an amplified effect on the entire Web of Life. What you give out will eventually come back to you per the Law of Karma.

Why settle for less when God has a broader perspective than we do? Let the divine decide for us according to our divine blueprint. The things that appear far away, impossible, or not even in our foresight are possible through God and the Universe. All you need is complete faith, surrender, and patience (Shraddha Aur Saburi are the two pillars to manifestation — Sai Baba mentioned in Sai Satcharitra). What is destined will happen as per the divine timing.

Tip for Prayers/Invocations

Here are some helpful tips that you can use to improvise your prayer or invocation lingos:

  • Never beg for what you already deserve. Come out of your limiting beliefs and judgments. If something is in your fate, it will come to you. Avoid using words such as — Please. Instead, start with a thank you and end it with a thank you.
  • If something did not manifest, reinspect how and what did you ask. Are you requesting what you sincerely need, or are you manifesting it out of fear, insecurity, jealousy, comparisons, and the desire to show off? 
  • Practice understanding the difference between needs and wants. Wishes are precious; use them wisely.
  • Prayers with purity in heart, good intentions, divine love for ourselves and others, and complete surrender are manifested sooner than those lacking the above.
  • Pray with 100% confidence that the divine will grant them in your highest good.
  • Have patience and perseverance. Everything demands faith and consistency. The Universe has its way of answering and fulfilling your prayers. Respect the divine timing. Don’t rush for results because it may lead to frustration and lower vibrations, which are the major obstacle in manifesting desires. Have patience and wait for the perfect timing because when it arrives, you will be surprised to see that the outcome is even better than you had hoped.
  • Work with the new moon cycles to manifest new energies and things in life and with the waning moon cycles to release what is not serving you anymore.

Change your prayer lingo and witness the miracles. The more patient you are and the more you surrender with faith, the greater the results are.

Love, light, peace, gratitude, and infinite blessings to all!!!
The divine light source in me greets the divine light source in you.
God is my shield. I have nothing to fear!

Sakshi Vaashiisht

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